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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heather's quilt story...a baptism quilt...

Addie's Baptism Quilt

My third sweet daughter was baptized a few months ago. She thought she was getting a quilt because her sisters did. But I never let her see me working on it, and told her I will try to do it on time, but don't think I will be able to.  When she opened her gift, she loved it!  The other girls got a little mad and said "her's is cuter" (it's true, it is)

 Don't you love the snowy photos?
 I fell in love with this color combo, and I want to make another quilt with all these colors....

 You all know the book, I changed it to "for eternity" instead of "as long as I am living." She is ALWAYS my baby! Isn't the embroidery sweet? I created her, and she reminded me of Addie, so I added her to the quilt...

And here is the darling baptism girl...
 Seriously, have you ever seen cuter horse teeth? She is as sweet as she looks! In the spring I plan on taking her out and getting nicer baptism photos, with her quilt of course!

Also, we have a winner from the FABRIC SHOPPE! Taryn wins a half yard bundle of Aneela Hooey's Little Apples. Cute!

Blogger Taryn said...
I love the Heirloom 1/2 yard bundle. The colors are so delicious!
February 3, 2012 6:24 AM
Congratulations Taryn