Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Heather's week and fabric Tuesday...

My week (Heather) (via @quiltstory Instagram)

Carpel Tunnel Surgery. Ouch. Still recovering. No Sewing. Emotional recovery. 

My 10 year old decorated the mantle. I am keeping it. She did pretty good!

Got a little more Christmas out. Feeling the Christmas spirit helped me with my down week. 

I did get a super fun fabric package from Spice Berry Cottage. That brightened my week for sure! Cant' wait to play with it all!

Awesome Monster House quilt from Talking Lunchbox Quilts 
Beautiful Free pattern 4-patch slice from Inspiring Creations Blog...cute!

The Sewing Chick is always up to something awesome. The piecing looks so perfect, it looks fake!

Star Ooh La La Baby Quilt
Ooh La La Starry Night Baby Quilt from Busy Hands Quilts. Darling!
Everything about this is sweetness! Out to Sea quilt from Robot Mom Sews. Love.
Giant Chevron from Gemini Stitches. Cute!

What did you all get to this week?



  1. Sorry to hear...hope it heals swiftly so you can get back to some serious sewing!

  2. I hope the recovery is smooth and swift xx

  3. Sorry about the surgery. Hope you are all better and sewing again soon! Your daughter did a great job with the decorating! Those stockings are SO CUTE!

  4. Praying you will heal up quickly sew you can get at the bundle of fabric goodness! PS Your daughter is a great decorator!

  5. Had carpal tunnel and trigger thumb surgery earlier this year. Let me give you some experience advice... DONT DO ANYTHING FOR THE FIRST WEEK. I was so busy sewing because it didn't hurt to sew... made it swellllll.....kinda opened up the incision.... took longer to heal.... you know...

  6. I agree with Lisa - I would give it at least 2 weeks. I had mine done in my early 20's. The BEST thing I ever did. Soon it will just be a memory! And your hand will be back to normal(ish) in 2 weeks. I did find that I used it a lot (within reason) and didn't need PT.

  7. Hi Heather! I hope your hand is well soon! Your daughter made beautiful decorations! Those stockings and letter cubes are super! Great works from last week! x Teje

  8. I had wrist surgery a couple of years ago too. Not carpal tunnel, but for DeQuervain's Tendonitis. It forced me to take a long break from quilting, so I can totally sympathize. It took me about 2 weeks before I could really use my wrist, but several months before it felt totally "normal." I hope your recovery goes well!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  9. I hope your wrist heals quickly and you can be back to sewing. Is that what caused it? I swear I have quilter's elbow!!! Thanks for showing my quilt pic - you are awesome as always!!

  10. I hope that you recover swiftly. Perfect decorating by your 10 year old.

  11. Hope you are feeling better soon Heather. Your mantle looks so festive already! And thank you for showing the (baby) Giant Chevron quilt I tested using the great pattern by Jess @ The Elven Garden.

  12. I love what she did with your mantle! Can she come do mine? I keep fussing over it and I'm to the point where it's just made me mad! ;) Thanks for showing my quilt! Much love!! Hope that hand is getting better!

  13. I had that surgery on one of my hands / wrists when I was young. It was a pain in the a** afterwards...not able to use it for awhile. Hope you recover quickly! :)

    Your 10 year old did a great job. I don't usually decorate until after Thanksgiving but we are getting snow and it feels so much more like Christmas that I may at least get a few things out early...not sure but I am tempted to ! :)

  14. Também fiz essa cirurgia, desejo melhoras para voce!

  15. I hope your wrist recovers quickly! Thank you for showing my Monster House quilt! I can't even tell you how thrilled I was :) You truly made my day. Happy Thanksgiving.


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