Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fabric Tuesday and a new pattern!

Happy Tuesday my friends!! Hope all is well!  We're enjoying the humidity here in Northern Virginia (not) but we are enjoying the fireflies at night!

Last Christmas Heather and I got a couple of new fabric collections and helped each other design new quilt patterns with each.  We finished them in record time (for us) and had them completely ready for quilt market.  But naturally it took two more months to list the patterns in our shop and share it with you all! :)

I'm happy to share Hello Pretty with you today for Fabric Tuesday!

Such happy and bright colors in Aneela Hoey's line "Hello Petal" by Moda Fabrics.  I love the little children at play and I was sold when I saw the kitty cats all named on the back (including Lucy!).

I love creating a pattern that maybe appears to be more work than it is. I used fat quarters to make this quilt, strip piecing and a lot of repeat blocks to create this finish.  I heart it!

When I finished it didn't seem finished...I stood back and thought it was too busy and on the smaller side.  I am so pleased I added the white borders and patchwork squares, I think it completes it.

Backed it with those sweet kitties of course, and there is the perfect stripe in the line I used for binding.

There you have it!

Hello Pretty
65" x 77"

Fabric Tuesday

Come and share your recent fabric WIPs and finishes!!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Sweetest mini from Why Not Sew....precious!

Erin from Why not sew makes simply the most precious projects! We happened upon her blog several years ago, and have been stalker fans of hers ever since! This mini with Country Girls fabric is simply darling! Head over to her blog, where you will find yourself making outloud "ooohh" and "ahhh" sounds. Seriously. You. Will. Love!

Last week I finished this Country Girls mini quilt I made for my girls' room. I've been wanting to post about it since then but we all have been under the weather at our house. Sore throats and stomach bugs. Yuck. I hope we are on the mend. My mom is visiting and should be here today! I told her maybe she shouldn't come but she wouldn't hear of it. I hope she doesn't get sick. I've Lysoled, bleached, Purelled my heart out, so I'm hoping we're good.

Anyway, I am loving this mini!!! I fussy-cut the Country Girls from this fabric. Then I used some Country Girls fabric along with some others from Tasha Noel. All of which I got from Shay at Simply Sweet Fabric.  I added some Strawberry Fields, April Showers, Scrumptious and Flea Market Fancy. The colors all went well together and I love the scrappy look.

I hand quilted around each star and that was all. I may add more quilting around the edge near the binding and in the space where the four corners of the blocks meet. I just haven't yet. I love the center block. The little girl feeding the ducks reminded my 4 year old of herself feeding her ducks. She loves the quilt and can't wait to have it on her wall. I have to paint first. I hope to do that while my mom visits. We shall see :) 


Thursday, July 17, 2014

low volume quilt top finished!

Here it is! My low volume quilt top. I really enjoyed making this one. Simple 3.5" squares. I liked picking through my stash and adding loads of different prints. I still need to quilt it, I am thinking just straight lines, about 1/2" apart? What do you think?

The beginning. Just loads of squares. I bought several new prints as well. 

Then I pieced several strips together, I worked those strips together in the end. I didn't do this the most efficient way. Oh well!

But I had fun making it!

Here you have it! I hope you like it as much as I do!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fabric Tuesday you fabric lovers!

Is summer kicking your butt? I know Megan and I have been super busy with life, kids, swimming, vacation, camps, visitors. Fun, but busy. Lets check out some cuteness from last week...

Just amazing medallion center. Love! You need to see the back of this thing! From Paula The Sassy Quilter.

The Bubble quilt from Tanya Quilts in CO. Love this! The colors make me happy! 

Because I am loving all the fruity quilts I have been seeing around. Sweetness. From Porch Swing Quilts...

Modern Fat cross quilt finish. From Maryse Makes Things,  Love the bold colors and low volume text prints. Very cool...

From Mochawildchild, this cute mini! love the curved look of the blocks...

What have you been up to?


Thursday, July 10, 2014

My finished mini!!

Hey friends!!

I was quick enough on Instagram this time to participate in a mini quilt swap hosted by Kristi from Schnitzel and Boo!  It's a secret swap, you receive your partner's info with a form stating what types of fabrics she likes, her style, etc..  Then you make your partner a mini just for them, anywhere from 6" to 24".  I ended up being a moderator to help out with the swap...so I made two!  More on the other later...

Here is the first one I made:

From her form and instagram feed (@quiltinginthecold) I realized we had a pretty similar style.  She likes traditional piecing with some modern twists and fun bright fabrics. It was nice because if I was liking it I thought I was pretty safe that she would too!

It's 24" square.  Everyone also needed to create a tag for their mini and make sure to include some of the following info.  I just used a fine sharpie, turned under the edges and handstitched it on.

AND the other fun part of the swap is including goodies!!  My partner lives in the Netherlands so I was told that Peanut Butter cups were a must!  I also made little coin purses and included some of her favorite fabrics.

It was such a fun swap!!! I received mine yesterday and I am sooo in love!!!

I have one more mini to post, I'll share the one I received AND Heather made one too. 

And you may as well check it out on our Instagram feeds now anyway :)  And if you aren't on Instagram just do it!!!!

@quiltstory and @quiltstorymeg

Get ready for some mini goodness!!


Monday, July 7, 2014

Christmas in July Tutorials!

Happy Monday!! Hope you all had a fun and festive weekend like me! :) I've got an awesome nephew visiting us and we had a lot of fun spending the day playing in the water, throwing the ball around and watching fireworks at night!

Fast forward from 4th of July to CHRISTMAS!  July is the month to start thinking of your Christmas list...especially the handmade ones!

PS Shops start receiving their Christmas fabric in July so that's the time to buy it.  A few months down the road you won't be able to get some of your favorite lines...I know from experience! :)

We're teaming up with Sew Lux fabric and some awesome bloggers to bring you a week of Christmas tutorials!

8 different bloggers and 8 tutorials for you the week of July 21st-July 25th.  Then at the end of the tutorials you can link up to Sew Lux for a chance to win some fabric!

Here's the Schedule:

This week you can save 10% on all of the featured Christmas in July Bundles with coupon code NICELIST.  Offer ends 7/13/14.

Now for my project!!!

I'm using Folk Art Holiday and I've got two tutorials in my head and I've got to choose just one.  I'm curious though...

What type of Christmas tutorials would you like to see?

What tutorials have you seen enough of?

I need to get started this week so let me know your thoughts!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fabric Tuesday!

Megan and I are so busy with summer we are having a hard time keeping up with everything! I just went to Lake Powell for the week, and Megan is hosting nieces and nephews regularly in Virginia. Lots of fun, just getting behind on our crafting and quilting! Here is what caught my eye from last fabric Tuesday:

Mini Medallion from Meadowbrook Kristen. I love it! Really eye catching!

This cute block from One Wee Bird. Love the dimension! Like the bird in the middle. Cuteness.

Garden for Birds 2

Oh how I love this quilt from The Wendy Side. Just neat the variety of techniques. Darling!

Yummy cake blocks. Love! From Porch Swing Quilts. Sweetness.

Amazingness from Simple Sewendipity. Just a fun mini quilt.