Friday, May 28, 2010

Are YOU the winner winner?

See these lovely patterns? Well we have a winner of 5 of them!

And that winner is
Thank you so much for your kind comments!  Please contact us and we'll get these out to you!

And winner of this stack of fat quarters
Get in touch and these FQ are yours!!

Thank you so much for everyones lovely comments and for all our new followers.  We are so giddy over this new blog, we hope you are checking back often for inspiration.

Please check out Nicole and Brooke's quilts from this week.  They've created some great pieces and offered excellent advice!

Thought about submitting your quilt?  We want your quilt and stories to feature here on Quilt Story.  We want to hear tips and advice, quilts made for loved ones, what you did right and is so much fun to hear how everything comes together.  Check out our submissions page for details, and don't be afraid to contact us with questions!  (Contact info on the sidebar)

And finally, PLEASE LEAVE COMMENT LOVE to those we feature :)  We all love to get feedback on things we've put so much sweat and tears into, so let's hand out those pats on the back!

Thank you!  We have a new feature quilt this weekend!


Mama Mel said...

OMG! I can't believe I won! I love the fat quarters! So excited to see them in person! :) My email is mamamel78 at hotmail dot com. I would LOVE to submit one of my quilts too! Thank you so much!

Bellgirl said...

Squeeeee! Thank you so much, how wonderful! I look forward to making a quilt from the pattern and putting it on your blog!