Thursday, January 23, 2014

Meg's Seasonal Runners

When my mom was staying with me in October she and I put together an Ikea table that I'm using to decorate for holidays.  She asked me if I was going to make runners for each holiday to which I said "Probably".  And then she mentioned that would be so cool or neat...something along those line.

So the plan was made...not for me but for her!  I called Heather and told her my idea, to make mom runners for the major holidays/seasons.  She was in and we were on!  My holidays were Valentine's, Summer and Halloween.  Heather's were Spring, Fall and Christmas.

As you know our dear dad passed three days before Christmas.  It was so hard being in their home Christmas morning which a few weeks before I thought the very worst case scenario it would be my dad's last Christmas.  I was relieved that Heather and I already had thoughtful gifts for her.

Here was the start of my Valentine's:

And I shared a couple months ago the start to my Halloween blocks.  The whole runner is black and whites with just a few pops of purple.

I'll share the finishes on those another day (as well as Heather sharing hers!).  Here's my "cheater" runner. I say that because it's not quilted ;)

This is summer...our mom has shades of aqua and teal in her home.  I thought this could really fill in whenever.  Burlap, lace down the sides and ruffles on the end.

Sorry I didn't iron the burlap...again.  I was just too busy with everything going on but wanted to make sure I got some pictures before I wrapped them up!

I cut the ruffles on the bias.  Basically the edges are unfinished but they will not fray anymore than you see here, that's the beauty of cutting fabric on the bias!

There you have it.  She really liked them.  And I still don't have seasons for myself...what the heck??


Lori Landenburger said...

So very sorry to hear about your dad. What a lovely idea for your mom:) lovin the burlap combo runner!!

Willit Neverend said...

I love this idea, and it makes a very thoughtful gift.

Amber Johnson said...

Cute! And that's great the ruffles won't fray anymore. It will be really cute on a table. Very sweet of you girls!