Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fabric Tuesday Friends!

We are sorry we are the worst bloggers ever lately! Megan has been busy building a baby in her tummy, she is due in a few weeks. My excuse is my five kids, and still recovering from the holidays. We promise to get some more blog posts up...soon! In the meantime, most our crafting/quilting endeavors are meticulously covered on our Instagram feeds. @quiltstory and @quiltstorymeg. If you don't have an Instagram account, DO IT NOW!

A few from last week...

How cute is this mini from one wee bird? Love the fabrics, pattern and color!

This Kaleidoscope quilt weirds my eyes out. Amazing! From tales of cloth 

Happy quilting Melissa created this gorgeous quilt. This fabric, Bari J, Emmy Grace, for me is tied with Violet Crafts Brambleberry Ridge fabric line last year. Both beautiful!

Melon Wedding Ring quilt by Karin Jordan 2
Sigh. How amazing is this? From Leigh Laurel Studios, a Melon Double Wedding Ring tutorial. Love!

heart quilt large copy
The Crafty Quilter and this precious Heart quilt. So sweet. Heart this!

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Quiltineering said...

I love Karin's quilt!! She did such an amazing job.

Leila said...

Beautiful quilts.
Don't worry about not posting. My posting has been kind of slow too recently. I'll use my 5 kids as an excuse too. :)

One Wee Bird said...

Thanks for putting my wee mini alongside such beautiful quilts!!! That Kaleidoscope quilt is to die for!!
I bet I beat you hands down for worst blogger ever and I'll blame my kids the job the washing and anything else that will get me off the hook LOL

Richard Majece said...

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