Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fabric Tuesday, come link up!

Sorry, linky issues. Still working on it

What I finished last week! Finally I have a finish to share. Read the rest of the post about this Fat Quarter Shop StarCakes projects here. 

And here is Megans version...

Berry Colored cushion. Just so pretty, and nice neat points!

Emilylarae quilt top. Cuteness!

This hashtag quilt finish from Gemini Stitches. Wow!

Scrumptious Charm pack quilt finish from Life in the dog house. Pretty!

Kindred Blocks

Quiltineering, beautiful blocks!
PhotobucketCome link up!


Julie said...

You've got such a talented bunch of quilters highlighted today, and I love the romantic theme of scrappy patchwork. They're all just beautiful!

Crystal_235 said...

How long is the link open for? I went to link up and and it is closed.

I also wanted to tell you I follow your blog.

Jennifer said...

Will I be able to link up soon?

Sarah Craig said...

I think you've put in a previous week's link code - I bet there's lots of us who would link up if it were open!! You've shared some awfully pretty things this week, too!

Rachel @ Quiltineering said...

Thanks for sharing my blocks and all the other lovely eye candy!

Kirsten said...

Your Starcakes projects are lovely - thank you for sharing my Hashtag quilt too!

Hel Stone said...

I am a regular visitor of your blog. Always find good things here.