Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fabric Tuesday!

Its nearly 1 am. I am tired! I almost forgot about fabric Tuesday! You guys are the best. I look through each and every feature, I don't comment much, but look at them all. Thanks for joining in each week.

 I have just picked out a few as I am about to pass out. Here you go!

From Tanya Quilts. All the apples!

Dog Gone Cute
Adorable doggies!!!! from A quilting Chick. Too cute!

Pinwheels from Patch the Giraffe! Cute!



Jessica said...

Can't see your retreat pics :( I tried reloading the page. Hope you had a great time!

Cathy said...

:) Thanks so much for sharing my dog quilt!!

Patch the Giraffe said...

Thanks again! This always makes my day :)

Bruno Araujo said...

Nice puppies. You should write an essay about this and post it here. Great!