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Friday, March 28, 2014

Freshly Handmade- Quilt for her son...

Stacy from Freshly Handmade is one of my favorites! She is always busting out some awesome and amazing quilts. Everytime I go to her blog, or see her Instagram feed (@freshlyhandmade), I am always happy. First, her photos are amazing (even on Instagram), second, she just has an eye for fabric choice and placement. I love EVERYONE of her completed projects....

It might have taken me 8+ months to finish, but I'm pretty sure my son thinks it was worth the wait. Finally, he too gets to snuggle under his very own quilt. This quilt started out a little sketchy, in my opinion, when I let my son pick out whatever solid colors he wanted. Needless to say, I was horrified at the color combination he chose and had to jump in and rectify the situation. You can read all about it in my first posthere. I have to say, it all worked out splendidly.

I'm not usually one for super bright colors, but I really love this quilt, especially for my son. He loves life and is genuinely a happy kid. Happy is how I would describe this quilt as well.

I backed his quilt with super soft green minky and used a black and white stripe binding fabric, which I think works perfectly. I racked my brain on how I wanted to quilt it, but ultimately decided less is more for this one. I straight stitched on both sides of the vertical and horizontal seams using a charcoal colored thread. I debated on that too, but thought the gray with blend well with all the colors and look a little more masculine.

I stitched this one a little bit differently using off white thread. I also stitched diagonally through the blocks and stitched in the ditched horizontally and vertically. I love how that turned out. I wanted to make this one unisex, so I decided to back it with red minky instead of green.

This quilt is available for purchase in my newly opened Etsy store and would make a wonderful baby gift. Below is the link to the listing.
Modern Unisex Plus Patchwork Baby Quiltnded up making the quilt a little less wide than I had originally planned, so I had left over blocks to make a baby quilt.

I am going to be working on a softer, more feminine version of this quilt and plan to offer a pattern as well.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WIP's Heather Ross flying geese stars...and a dilemma...

Hi friends! Spring is here and it sure has helped my mood!

I found these in my UFO closet. It is getting a bit embarrassing in there. I need to spend a few months just finishing up all my unfinished projects. You? 

Several months ago I was lucky enough to come upon some Heather Ross charm squares on Instagram. I got such a great variety. Then I added in my stash, and I started creating stars. 

I love each and every one of these blocks.

Problem is, I used a tutorial online, and I tweaked the numbers a bit. Enough that I don't think I can figure it out again. It was for creating some flying geese but I liked the extra space it gave on the points. I am not good enough at math and triangles to try to figure out what I did, and I can't find the tutorial with my new numbers again.

What would you do? How can I solve this dilemma? Any ideas?

This is one of my favorites. Because I had two Dalmations growing up. Penny and Trixie. And I have 2 beagles now, Scamp and Duchess.

Another dilemma, if I do figure out the measurements, do you think I can have any duplicate middle prints? I am obviously trying to make this colorful and scrappy, so do you think I can have any matching centers (even if the rest doesn't match?)

Thanks for always coming and supporting our blog and posts. Megan and I LOVE what we do, and we couldn't keep doing it without you guys!  Thank you!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fabric Tuesday!

Heather here. I have nothing to show for myself (head hung low in shame). I have been so distracted lately. I need to focus and get some things done, and get back to the sewing that I love so much! In the meantime, here are some projects that caught my eye this week...

Lava'Lovin quilt. From My life in binding. What a cool quilt and photo!

This cool bag from Like to Sew. Love the colors. (and I normally don't like purple much)

Because the colors are so eye catching! From Patch the Giraffe...

This amazingness from So Sarah Sews. Drool!

This bright Medallion quilt top from Lovelea Design. Makes me think of sunshine and spring.

Snowbird quilt from Robot Mom Sews. So pretty!

Double Pinwheel from Quilt Paradigm. Love the quilting!

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Dress for a Little Lucy Lady

 I'm sooo excited to share this sweet little dress I made!  I'm quite proud of's the most ambitious clothing pattern I've attempted without my mommy.  Although I did call her :)

She will most definitely fetch eggs in this sweet dress!  It is a little big but should be perfect size in a couple months.

I simply adore this fabric!!  It's from Pam Kitty Picnic.  I got it from a really sweet shop, Strawberry Blossom Mercantile...she's got lots of really sweet prints including Lecien and sweet florals.

Full dress.  Pleated at the top and back, peter pan collar and a double layer at the bottom.  The pattern called for ric-rac but it didn't match this sweet floral dress and luckily I found a matching periwinkle trim!

I love her.  And yes she was spinning in it!! :)  How sweet is my Lucy??  I'd also describe her as feisty, loving, playful, funny, curious.... She's almost 18 months old, I can hardly believe it.  Our family certainly wouldn't be the same without her.  And I sure love having my girl!

I used Simplicity Baby pattern 1921 (Joann's for 99 cents!).  I did the blue dress on the right.  As you can see it had a large collar.  I cut it out and I just didn't like it. It overpowered the dress maybe? Too heavy? Any way I asked some of my best sewing friends and decided on altering it to a Peter Pan collar. I'm very happy I did!

And I'm ready to make my next one.  No such things as too many dresses right?

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!!  Have a great day!!


Linking up to Kim's Fun Sewjo Saturday Party!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Get your shop on!

Third Friday of the month so I've got some fun things to share.  Some of our favorite shops have deals, new fabrics and giveaways!  See below :)

Visit The Stitch Sanctuary’s blog to take advantage of our strip giveaway.  New fabric has been added to our clearance area.  Don’t miss your change on getting quality fabric at a great price.

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Cotton Bliss

Friday is the last day for our Quilting Day Sale. We've got tons of fabrics and precuts up to 30% off. April Showers and Mirabelle yardage has just arrived, so head on over and score great deals on the newest designer fabrics from Moda!

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All woven fabrics in the shop are 15% off through Sunday including the new Peppered Cottons! Many new embroidery patterns have been listed, including selections from Alison Glass and Heather Bailey.  While supplies last, receive a free 8" wooden hoop with the purchase of an embroidery pattern. And as always, thread ships free with any other purchase from the shop. 

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Have fun!!! Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Aqua and Daisies

Day 4 of 4 sharing my finished baby quilts.  Phew!! I feel soooo accomplished!! :)  If you see the last three posts this week you'll see all my quilts.  I'm selling them all in our shop :)

Aqua and Daisies
36" x 48"
Denyse Schmidt prints (9 patch)
Michael Miller (daisies)

Yesterday and today's quilt were both made while stranded this past summer.  We moved from AZ to VA and had unexpected problems getting into our town home.  You mean massive student loans cause problems?? :)

So Katie from Swim Bike Quilt was incredibly kind and gracious and helped us find an apartment to rent for 6 weeks.  All of our stuff was in storage, I literally had 1.5 weeks worth of items since we were just planning on a road trip.  I received some fabrics while I was there and decided to use my time wisely and so at night I sewed!  Katie lent me her Bernina and I hit JoAnns for a few coordinating prints, a new mat and cutter (I can totally justify that right?).

These daisies I have always thought were just so sweet!! So I focused on them and brought in coordinating 9 patch prints.They're 12" finished blocks.  I believe the daisies are 6" squared with 3" white sashing.  The 9 patches are 4" squared.  These are all FINISHED numbers, not cut (add .5").

Bound with a coordinating green and kept the back really simple with a floral aqua.  For quilting I stitched around all of the blocks.  And I'm a big fan of hand stitching my bindings :)

It's fun to play on traditional girl colors.  My personal favorite colors are blue and green!  Trust me you'll find at least one in every room of my house :)

Thank you so much for stopping by!!  We're truly touched by those of you who stop by and read or means a lot!!

Like I said these are all in OUR SHOP.

To receive 10% off use the coupon code MEGSFRIEND,

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Modern Baby Boy Quilt

Today is day three that I'm sharing my finished baby quilts!!  Today I'm sharing a modern baby boy quilt.

Mod Boy
36" x 48"

I consider this quilt modern because of the simple layout, color scheme and  prints I used.  It is definitely a little more "wild" than my usual but I think it looks like a super cool baby!!  :)

6" chevron squares and 3" four patches with the cobalt blue.  I started working on this quilt this past summer.  I was essentially stranded in a strangers home with my family and had nothing of my own! Katie (Swim Bike Quilt) lent my her sewing machine and I used the fabrics I had on hand and I sewed at night!

Simple black binding and a black crosshatch backing.  It's so striking!

Remember all my quilts are available in OUR SHOP.

I'm offering 10% off this week with the code MEGSFRIEND.

Thanks for stopping by friends!!!