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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fabric Tuesday Friends!

Hi again. Technical difficulties. again. I will post my photos next week.

And here are some of your finishes from you guys. I am always in awe!

Patch the Giraffe, X ceptional quilt. Wow!

loving the pattern and colors on this sweet mini from Stoffbreite

Pretty Bright colors, beautiful quilting from Meadowbrook. Just beautiful!

Fun pattern, Pave the way, from Happy quilting Melissa. Love!

How sweet are these puppies from Tanya Quilts in Co? Adorable!

CivilRest quilting
Beautiful "civil rest" log cabin from Sweet Dreamin. A new quilt for their bed!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Welded Quilt FINISH!

Hi friends! So excited to share this quilt with you today. This quilt is for someone very special to both of us and in the coming weeks we'll share more about that  
Welded Quilt

I've been calling mine my Man Quilt!  One of the reasons I truly love Art Gallery Fabrics is there are so many options that can be used for anyone and everyone!  Lots of awesome prints without flowers, and sometimes I need that! :)

I know I needed to use mostly blues.  It was easy to throw in a little gray, aqua and yellow.

Here is a little better shot of the fabrics, I mostly used Imprint but also used some Hello Bear, Etno and Bound.

The background prints is actually white with some gray lines, it's called Maze.

 It's a very generous throw size, perfect for a couple people on the couch!  61" x 79.5"

I worked on this quilt about 4 nights in a row and finished the quilt top. I'm sending it off to Heather to quilt and bind it.  We'll share once it all the way finished of course.

Thanks for stopping by!  Tag us online if you make one, I'd love to see (@quiltstorymeg and @quiltstory).  Pay attention on Instagram today as you should see a few of these popping up all over.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

30 days of sewing with Art Gallery Fabrics

Fabric Tuesday will be back next week, we have some special Art Gallery Fabrics projects to share:

Megan and I were lucky enough to be selected for "30 days of sewing with AGF" 

First, Heather's TeePee! (and you don't want to miss Megan's Sleeping Bag, scroll down)  

What do you think? I am so happy about it! I found a tutorial on Pinterest, and mixed it up a bit, then went for it. It wasn't "hard" but it was time consuming, as I pieced all the panels. 

Do you think he loves it?

Since I wanted the TeePee for this little man, I wanted something a boy would love, but his sister could play in as well.  So I went with April Rhodes "Bound" collection. Love! Urban, southwestern, aztec vibe. Fabulous!

All the panels are pieced differently, with several prints of the Bound line. 

I had to make the teepee taller for this tall guy. He can stand inside, and fits him and his sister. They have already been reading and playing on tablets inside. He wants to sleep in it!

I added these little ties to the door, to tie it shut, and also added some to tie it open.

The poles are drilled through and tied tight with a small rope, covered by this more rustic/decorative rope. 

Hope you like this teepee as much as we do!

Hi there! Megan here!  I genuinely love Art Gallery Fabrics so I was really happy to collaborate! 

 My two older sons have Sleeping Bags I made them already, with their names and all.  A few months ago we pulled them out while we were watching a movie together.  I could tell she was genuinely offended and a blanket and pillow were not the same!

I appliqued her name and added the sweet lace detail, she's my only girl so I love getting to be so girly!

It took some time to narrow down but I finally decided on Anna Elise by Bari J.   The horses, bunnies, floral guitars and other pretty florals are over the top sweet and feminine.

She was pointing at each horse saying "Ride it...ride it...ride it..."

Planning on a movie night tomorrow, she will be thrilled to join the group with her own sleeping bag!

This blog post was sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics

PS Have you put the Art Gallery Fabrics App on your phone? Its awesome, you can see all the collections right from your phone. It is how I chose my awesome fabrics for this project!

See you next week for Fabric Tuesday!!


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Emerson Star and Fabric Tuesday!

 Happy Tuesday!! I'm so excited to finally share with you my Emerson Star Quilt and pattern!! If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen a few pictures over the last couple of weeks so hopefully you don't mind! :)

The quilt is made using Heather Ross' new line Tiger Lily which has been hitting shops since last month.  Its a great pattern for fussy cutting.

I named it Emerson Star because Heather and I grew up on Emerson Street in Littleton Colorado, a home that captures most of our childhood. We simply love that house!!

Thanks to Mary Magrogan (@classicquilter) for writing our patterns, now we have multiple sizes!!
It comes in throw, twin and queen sizes! Yay!

I'm kind of in love with this new quilt!!  If you live in Utah, or are visiting soon, I just shipped it off to Pine Needles in Midvale for display, so check it out!

Fabric Tuesday #248
Link up a recent fabric project.  Thanks for letting me indulge and share mine today!


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fabric Tuesday, come link up!

Sorry, linky issues. Still working on it

What I finished last week! Finally I have a finish to share. Read the rest of the post about this Fat Quarter Shop StarCakes projects here. 

And here is Megans version...

Berry Colored cushion. Just so pretty, and nice neat points!

Emilylarae quilt top. Cuteness!

This hashtag quilt finish from Gemini Stitches. Wow!

Scrumptious Charm pack quilt finish from Life in the dog house. Pretty!

Kindred Blocks

Quiltineering, beautiful blocks!
PhotobucketCome link up!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Star Cakes Shortcut Quilt for Fat Quarter Shop

Good Morning! Megan and I were asked by  Fat Quarter Shop to create their new quilt, Star Cakes Shortcut Quilt. I actually made a mini quilt, but hope to make the full quilt soon!

Here is the link to Fat Quarter Shops video tutorial, I love these videos, full of little shortcuts and tips along the way.  The video is also posted at the bottom :)

Also, to kick of this event. Fat Quarter Shop will be offering 20% off all of their layer cakes!!! Go run fast! For three days!

Okay, so here is my Star cakes mini quilt...

I decided to go with Milk, Flower and Sugar from Penny Rose Fabrics. How I adore this line!

A big pile of HST's. 

Some progress photos, make sure you place your half square triangles correctly to get the pinwheel on the inside. I did it wrong and had to unpick lots!

A bit of the detail of my quilting. I have been having more and more fun trying little designs on my quilts and especially minis. I am not perfect, but the more I practice, the better I get. I am pretty proud of myself here. 

And my final mini! Sorry for the poor lighting. It got late before I got the binding down. I am really happy with this mini, it will go in my girl's room. 

A little more quilting detail.

Megan here :)  I also made a Star Cakes Shortcut Quilt Block and turned mine into a pillow!

I used Heather Bailey's Clementine.  I just love her prints, so great!  I kind of pulled the more fall type of colors.

The cool thing about FQS Shortcut Quilts is that first, it's free (yay!) and that she uses the fabrics super smart and it comes together so quick.  This pattern you use layer cakes!

And then you use the pillow to watch Cars for the first time :)

Thanks for stopping by!  Check out our instagram if you want to see more of our sewing madness!
@quiltstory and @quiltstorymeg 

And @fatquartershop