Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I (Megan) finished my quilt with Robot Factory from Robert Kaufman, and I am so happy!! :)
My honey named it
49 x 63

This was really fun to create.  I knew I wanted something modern and angular to fit in with a robotic type theme.  I was laying in bed one night thinking of quilt design (anyone???) and then I thought of intersecting blocks that look like the feed into each other.  A-ha!  The cool thing is that I think with feminine fabrics it could look like a star or even flowers.  And I really love looking at the pattern of the khaki Kona, kind of looks like old fashioned ceilings and woodwork, do you know what I'm talking about?....

I went with straight-line quilting, again to keep the modern feel.  Plus with boys quilts you don't want to get to swirly :)

Don't those little funky robots make you happy?!?  And I just love the gears, wrenches and graph lines.  I love featuring fabrics in quilts, so with this pattern it allows you to fussy cut your favorite prints.  Back to thinking of a more feminine fabric could be really cute to make those robot feature blocks into pinwheels, don't you think?

I went back and forth a lot about the border.  I considered continuing the pattern, but after sketching it, laying out fabric, it just lacked a wow factor.  I love that it is these monochromatic squares.  I think it frames it but isn't too distracting.  And I always have to have a binding that pops!

And the backing.  Don't you love seeing your quilting on the flip side?  I couldn't resist featuring those robots again.  It was just one of those piece as you go methods...if you can call it that :)

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Happy Quilting!  See you tomorrow for a feature I  know you'll love!!


SewSara said...

ooooooh great job!!!
i feel like i haven't seen/talked to you forever cuz i hadn't heard anything about this. i love everything about it ... the layout, the border, the back (!!) and the fabric. well done my friend!
love love!
you've been busy!

Becky said...

Very fun! I love everything about it!

Dorian said...

That is totally cute!! You did a great job on it.

Leslie said...

this quilt is adorable!!! i love those little robots

Helen said...

I had to laugh at thinking up patterns when you are supposed to be sleeping... I really like the pattern, and it goes well with the fabric theme. Great job.

Laura said...


Michelle said...

Great pattern. I love the robot fabrics, they are sew cute. It really does look like an old ceiling.

Megan said...

I LOVE it! You're amazing!! And very smart, too:)

Lynne said...

It's absolutely gorgeous.

And, yes, I use that pre-sleep time for thinking and/or planning too!