Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Heather's halloween runner...

Morning all. 
Today's quiltstory post is by Me (Heather)
This is a story about a runner and a sister who threw the other sister under the bus.
And publicly called her a thief.  
This is a story of Heather and Megan.

If you read this post on Fresh Poppy last week. You will see that Megan accused me of taking more than my fair share of fabric. See my runner is smaller than she thought from my tiny text message photo.
Then she thought she saw piles of left over fabrics in the little corner of my text message photo.
She was sadly mistaken.

Our Mother was so offended by Megan's post. She wanted me to get mad at her. But I defended Megan (I have been known to be the nicer sister) And I told my Mom she must have been kidding. 
But my Mother kept saying how mean spirited it was. And I agree with my Mom.

We are not really in a fight. I have since forgiven Megan. We clearly have some issues to work on.

This is my version of the runner. While I had thoughts of appliquéd ghosts and goblins in my head.  I was afraid if I just didn't get it finished it wouldn't be done in time for this Halloween, and by the time next Halloween came around, I would be in love with a new line. 

So simple it is, but it makes my kids really happy.  That makes it worth it.



Sew Many Mamas said...

Spooky! Love it. And I think it looks like y'all divided the fabric equally.
Come over and share your home-made halloween costume: http://www.sewmanymamas.com/2010/10/easy-halloween-costume.html

SewSara said...

haha you girls and your 'fighting' :)
too funny!

the runner is darling!!

Lee Ann said...

this table runner is cute. And, it looks versatile (can be done with any theme fabric).

I like how you two have different style table runners with the same fabric.

I am glad you two aren't really fighting. Misunderstandings do happen.

Sarah Craig said...

Isn't it funny how "She got a bigger piece than me!" translates into "She got more of the fabric than me!" as we get older!!

Beautiful runner!!

Quiet Quilter said...

Oh, yes....my children's favorite saying when they were young...

"I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you...."

My sister and I are 16 years apart..It was only when we were grown that we hit that level of understanding ya'll have now.

emilyc @ Sew Super Sweet said...

Love it! Fun and Festive!

Tatkis said...

Such a lovely Halloween tablerunner! Colours are great!

Best wishes,