Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fabric Tuesday!!!

Sorry I'm late this morning, no real good excuse other than I was tired and lazy last night :) I'll jump right in with some features from last week.  Some fabulous non-quilty projects!!  Lots of great quilts too but I was impressed with all the other awesome link-ups:


Fabric Tuesday #131

Your turn! What fabric projects have you finished lately??



Rebecca said...

Love that ZigZag skirt!

Renee said...

I saw the doodle game last week and promptly bought some fabric to make it for my kids as well!

Rachael said...

that doodle game is just adorable :)


RobotMomSews said...

Thank you for posting my Narwal quilt! :) The doodle game is so adorable!!

LynCC said...

Oh, gosh, you guys - I'm sorry! I wasn't paying attention to the "finished" part when I linked up. :/

Debbie said...

Once again, such fun pics - thanks for sharing my Doodle Game.

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