Tuesday, July 30, 2013

100 Quilts for Kids and Fab Tues

100quiltsbutton 100 Quilts for Kids: Charity Quilt Drive Starts Today!

Katie from Swim Bike Quilt hosts a charity drive every fall called 100 Quilts for Kids.  If you haven't heard of it in the last few years it's pretty simple!  Donate a quilt to a child in need.  And as a thank-you you can link-up to win prizes from awesome sponsors (ahem including us ;).  That's what we call a win win!

If you haven't caught wind on instagram @quiltstorymeg or from other various forms of my whining...we are temporarily housed until we can close on our home (UNplanned) and thanks to the amazing already mentioned Katie it isn't as nightmarish as it could be.  (Katie found a place for my whole family, lent me various random items including her Bernina(!) and befriended me :)  Anyway I'm making do while I wait.  I have a random stash of fabrics and I decided to put together some baby quilt tops.

I actually had enough to put three of these together!  I will be donating one of them to 100 Quilts for Kids.  I just need to be able to quilt it...

To participate it's pretty easy:

1. Make a quilt. 
2. Donate it to a child in need, locally if you can.  
3. Link up a picture of your donated quilt(s):  [link up is open now through September 30, 2013]
4. Eligible for drawings for gift certificates & patterns from favorite shops as a thank you for using your skills for good.

We hope you consider doing it!

Fabric Tuesday #146
What summer projects have you been working on!?  
Let's see!!  Take time to comment on others...that's what's fun!

Thanks for sharing :)



Dee said...

What an awesome post to read about how someone who needed blessings (you and your housing situation) in turn can be a blessing to others!

Love it and your heart to serve!

RobotMomSews said...

UGH! Good luck with your moving situation..that is so awesome tho that you found someone AND you got to borrow a sewing machine! YAY!

Sarah Craig said...

Beautiful quilt tops! Hope your housing situation gets straightened out soon. Kudos for promoting the 100 Quilts For Kids drive!!