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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Easy Sailing, fun nautical pattern...

 We are still showing off our patterns from Market. This is a cute nautical pattern. 

I love how the whole quilt looks like you are looking out of a window...

Crib size quilt for your little guy or gal...

Hope you like it, you can buy the pattern in our Etsy shop

Have a great weekend!

We will be having a sale this weekend on all our patterns. Enter EASYSAILING for 20% off all weekend! 

Treasure Box Quilt from A little bit biased...

Amber from a little bit biased created this darling quilt with blocks she found is a "craft" box from her husband's Grandma. I love these embroidered blocks, so much time taken. I think these quilts that have touches from generations are so special. Amber has a darling blog here, and she sells her Gigi's thimble patterns here, be sure to check her out.

There is a little story behind this quilt (which, I think make for the very best kind of quilts.) Well, about 5 or 6 years ago (before we bought the house we're in now) we were living with Ryan's Aunt and Uncle for about 9 months while we figured out if we were going to build a house or not. One day, Ryan's Uncle (Ryan's mom's brother) handed me a box and said it was his mom's and he thought it had some sewing stuff in it and I could keep anything I wanted that was in it. Well, low and behold I found these beautiful embroidered blocks - about 10 of them - that his mother had made. 

Finally after some time I pieced 9 of them together in this simple 3x3 grid pattern, with gold sashing and red posts. Some people would kill me for doing this next part, but I decided to go ahead and have it machine quilted as opposed to quilting it by hand. But, the quilting turned out beautiful (my favorite quilter in Idaho did it.) I loved how the back fabric was a tone on tone green hydrangea pattern so that the cream threaded quilting showed up wonderfully. The quilter traced the pattern of the embroidery so it really featured the darling embroidery design.
Shortly after the quilt was finished (and shortly after Ryan's Grandma Barfusspast away) I felt inspired to give it to Ryan's mom. It was a spur of the moment idea and I went ahead and gave it to her. The blocks I found that day were a beautiful surprise so that is why the quilt is called, The Treasure Box Quilt.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My heart goes pitter patter...

Okay, first off, comments from yesterday made me laugh hard. I think for next fabric Tuesday, we will add those to the list of what makes us weird crafting freaks! Funny stuff, I could relate to them all!

Second, I don't think I can properly express my happiness over this fabric line without crying! Seriously! When this came to my doorstep, I could feel my heart rate quicken because I knew what it would be. 

I called Meg and got all giddy, but somehow still felt let down not having someone near to share it with. (I don't mean share as in give any away, just share in my joy with me!)

Bless my husbands heart, he knew I was so excited when he came home from work he went through every single piece with me and pretended to be so excited. It worked!

This fabric line is called Children at Play by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller we love Michael Miller fabric lines.   I LOVE everything Sarah Jane creates, she is an amazing artist!  Her prints on etsy are over the top darling!

Okay, the good and bad, is this fabric line is HUGE! I think it has 54 prints? Good for the variety, bad because I think I need every print!

These are my favorites. Little girls playing with their dolls in the fields, pinwheels, balloons, bunnies. Serisously!

I have made a quilt up with these fabrics. This is the backing. Cute?

And here is my "teaser." It is just the quilt top, and I wanted to have it all finished before I showed it off. I LOVE it!  Good thing I have 4 girls, but they are already fighting for it. I think girl #2 likes it the most. I think she will get it Christmas morning...

Now that I look at the teaser, I think you can see exactly what I did...hmmm... that is okay. The plan is to post on Friday the finished quilt!!!  I was up til 2 am Monday, 3 am last night, and tonight will probably be 3 am to that!

PS this fabric line has a whole set for boys too!!!

PPS Also make sure to join our flickr group for our upcoming quilt along here.
More details here...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Are you are crafting freak? Fabric tuesday...

Don't you just love what the internet and blogging has done for crafters! Finally I feel like there a whole community of crafters. I used to be a little ashamed of what a crafting/sewing/quilting freak I was, until I found all of you. Then I realize we are perfectly  normal.  Or at lease if we are freaks, there are a lot of us. Ask yourself these questions...

Have you ever felt your heart rate speed up just by buying some new fabric?  Check (Toyland deer)

Have you ever dropped everything and driven across town to get that emergency must have craft supply/fabric/pattern?  Check  (knit chicken pattern)

Have you ever texted anyone photos of you draped in awesome fabric?  check (heather ross, thanks Kim!)

Have you ever stayed up past 2 AM sewing away?  Too easy, of course

Have you ever made a craft project intended for someone else, but keep it for yourself because you loved it too much? Check (three bunnies napping embroidery)

Have you ever lied to your husband about how much this little hobby is really costing??? Check!  (daily)

Anymore? Leave them in the comment section, I want to laugh!

Union Jack flag pillow from The Crafter's Apprentice, because Megan and I are half Brits...

I am drawn to bags lately, because I think I totally need to make me some! From this crafty fox...

Love the ruffles alot!!!  From Yards and Yards...

and this is a massive I spy quilt! From the Q and the U

And for the winner of the Sew Obsessed Urban Chiks fat quarter bundle goes to...

Blogger shayshap said...
I visited and love the red duck fabric from Moda.
June 24, 2011 11:55 PM


Alright, lets share some craft projects. Make sure to look over our rules and be sure to link back to us!

Will you play along with me?

First, let me say your responses to my need for help on Friday were amazing!!  Seriously, ya'll are creative folks.  Not only do I now have some plans for my fabric, but I have a new to-do list.  I hummed and hawed and came to a decision on the winners.  Although several responses were the same or similar ideas, I went with whoever said it first (although I realize people probably didn't read the other comments before writing their own).  And I had to pick two...

Blogger Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts said...
Super cute fabric. What about little drawstring backpacks for the boys? Outdoor adventure/exploring packs? Great for little hands and big ideas.
And how nice is Jackie??  I wish I was too proud to take her up on her offer...but I'm not :)
Blogger Jackie about one of these, but with strips across... or how is this for a deal, I will make it for you... u send the fabric, I make it and send it back... why? I enjoy following your blog=)

How you do feel about a Quilt Along??
If your answer is, "eh.." or "no thanks" you can keep that to yourself ;)

I'm so excited to finally get everyone in on this project!  I was contacted by some great bloggers about doing a blog-hop QAL, and Heather and I thought this would be a great way to try out a Quilt Along.

Have you heard of a Row Robin Quilt?  Simply it is a quilt where each row is designed by one person, the quilt is passed around with each person designing their own row, creating a really creative quilt.

The idea behind this QAL is each blogger is creating their own row, and each week a new row will be revealed with a tutorial for 5 weeks.  FUN RIGHT???

Don't worry, having already received each tutorial, my quilt top is done (but it's a secret until the end!!).  So each week you can come here to see how I did my rows, and I'll link you to the tutorial from the other blogger.  The 4 other participating bloggers are Lisa Marie from That Crazy Quilty GirlMelissa from Lilac LaneAnne Marie of Gen X Quilters and Jen at ReannaLily Designs Blog.

Need more details?  
Here's a little sneak peek

 Don't you want to eat those tiny HSTs??  They are so cute!

This is just a little tidbit from one of the rows.  I tell ya, having all the different blocks made this quilt really fun...not creating the same thing over and over.  Loved it.

Start collecting!
Finished quilt size: 48" x 60"
I used ALL SCRAPS!  You're welcome :)
You'll need 3 yards of background fabric (Kona Ash for me)

A couple of months ago I picked these totes up from Target to organize my scraps.  I have them organized by cool and warm fabrics...and I love it.  I know where to go for which colors, makes it that much easier.

For all the blocks I played off of the cool/warm factors.  It has turned out really neat!  All the blocks are layer cake friendly, really the options for your colorway are endless.

Incentive?  For those who play along and finish their quilts we will have some fabulous prizes.  Stay tuned for more info on that!
Make sure to join the Rockin Robin flickr group as well.
Grab the button there on the sidebar too!

First row goes live Tuesday July 5th!

Are you in?


Friday, June 24, 2011

What would you do??

Hi all!  I've got my hands on some lovelies and I've got to share...and get some help!!  We got to meet darling Jennifer and her honey of Monaluna Organic Fabrics at Quilt Market and just fell in love with her new fabric lines.  

I really love the bird and sky print on the end.  Heather has this stack of fabric and she's making up a darling quilt with it.

Marin Collection

This is the fabric that stopped me in my tracks!!  We are in loooove with these little foxies!!  Heather and I are making pants for our little boys in these!!  Ha!  Darling no?
Anika Collection

This line is for me...and I'm working on a quilt tutorial for it.  Really sweet, simple line and I've got a great modern quilt tutorial...I'm so excited to share!  I've also already cut up some of it into templates to make these so cute Sprocket Pillows from Allison.
Monaco collection 

By the way, these collections are all 100% organic cotton.  They feel lovely.  I haven't got to wash anything up yet, but I gotta feeling it's going to wash wonderfully.

Here's where you come in!  
See this lovely fabric, from the Anika Collection?

I looove this woodland print, so whimsical and darling.  I had originally thought I was going to make a diaper bag for my sister-in-law with it.  But I made a bag a couple weeks ago and now I'm just not excited about making another bag!!

So I've got 1/2 yard of each of the two prints above (the green dots/X's) and woodland print.  Then I'll have some leftovers of the other collections I can pull from.

What should I make????

To make it interesting, whoever gives me the best/my favorite idea, I'll send an envelope stuffed with some of my favorite designers fabrics.  What do you think?

I hope you have a sewing filled weekend :)


Which quilt is best?

Trudi from Happy Daize is a very talented quilter...just check our her sidebar!  These are some intense and beautiful quilts.  Check out this post with three quilt finishes!  Wow. 
Now she's dressing her bed for the summer and has a few choices...what do you think?

I promised a finish, and a finish I give you ....

This Portuguese tiles quilt has been a top for at least a year!  But it's quilting time had come!

I'm really pleased with the all over quilting design, and how it looks and plays out on the quilt design...

... and I just LOVE this little design the Emily and I fell upon at the last quilt retreat....


... when I put it on the bed ....

it just didn't make me happy.   I mean, I love the quilt, but it's just not a summer quilt is it?  I'm the sort of girl that changes the quilt on the bed with the weather, my mood, well, just because I'm bored with it and it's time for a change.  Are you the same, or is it just me and my quilts? 

So this is what was on the bed beforehand....

Pastel Stars April 2011

pretty, flowery, summery, nice enough....

But I was ready for a change, and the new quilt just doesn't holler from the roof tops to me at the moment, so it was back to my all time fave!

Gotta love Amy Butler fabrics to make you happy! 

So now I'm looking for the perfect pattern to make a summer quilt with these....

Oh, did I forget to tell you ....  Ooops, they made me buy them!  Really they did!

Happy Quilting!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fabric Giveaway from Sew Obsessed!

Heather and I got to meet Lorna and Annie at Quilt Market, two darling sisters with their own fabric shop, Sew Obsessed.  In fact, the whole family is in on the operation!  They have their online fabric shop as well as a shop in Henderson NV.  Look how darling it is!!

Well they've got a fun giveaway for you today.  Seriously, who doesn't want some fabric??

This pretty little 6 fat quarter bundle of Urban Chiks will soon be on it's way to one of YOU!

And they are generously offering our readers a great discount in their fabric shop!
Just enter the coupon code STORY at check out to receive 15% off.

How to win:
please leave a separate comment for each
1. Visit SEW OBSESSED and tell us your favorite item(s) they carry
2. Follow Annie's darling blog ORIGINATE AND RENOVATE
3. Follow us here on Quilt Story :)

This giveaway is now closed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Owls for Jett from Jaclyn Quilts

I love seeing boy quilts, having two myself I just am drawn to all things boy I guess!  I love seeing new fabrics, color combinations and patterns geared towards the little guy.  I love the quilt that Jaclyn from Jaclyn Quilts created as a gift.  The prints, design and color choices are so great for a little boy, and can grow up with him too! ...AND she has only been sewing for a little more than a year.  WHAT??  I had been sewing for 10 years before I tried to quilt!!  Take a minute to check out her blog and her flickr for some fun modern takes on quilting!
This quilt was made for the son of my wonderful wedding photographer, Nathan Walker. Him and his wife saw some of my quilts and asked if I would make one for their almost 2 year old son and I was happy to do it! Then then told me they wanted twin-sized. Eeeekk! I had second thoughts…actually not really, it was the kick in the pants I needed to try a bigger project.
We went through some fabric and decided on the main fabric and design together. Once again this is a variation on a pattern from Oh, Fransson! I have made this pattern many times, from simple modern baby quilts, because I love the pattern and apparently so does everyone else. So taking Elizabeth Hartman’s basic block I constructed a much larger quilt and improvised the back.
Now that the quilt is safe and sound with its new owners here is how it turned out.
For Jett (5 of 11)
For Jett (4 of 11)
Quilting (Done by my favourite long-arm quilter):
For Jett (6 of 11)
Binding and new label:
For Jett (9 of 11)
For Jett (8 of 11)
I really love the way this one turned out and I love the Aviary 2 Wood Grain binding!
For Jett (10 of 11)
I hope they love it too.
For Jett (11 of 11)
Later this weekend I will post about the process of making the quilt.  Complete with rudimentary drawings!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fabric Tuesday #41

Last week there were some fabulous bags linked up, so I thought I'd feature some of my favorites!

And "the most clicked on" award goes to:
Book Bags by City House Studio

The Naughty Secretary Bag from Sew Sweetness

Farmer's Market Tote from Artfully Caroline

Convertible Bag from Fashioned by Meg

Link Up!
If you need a refresher on how-to-play, click HERE.

Can't wait to see, I've got stacks of fabric I'm ready to cut into and need some great ideas!