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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fabric Tuesday

Welcome!  Last Tuesday before the New Year.  I don't think I'll finish any projects this year but I've certainly started my list for next year! Scary and fun! :)

Here are some link-ups from before Christmas.  I think this week we will have a lot of gifts linked up!

star quilt top

Keep Calm Binding Kit from gemini stitches

Fabric Tuesday #260
link-up your fabric projects!


Monday, December 28, 2015

Finished Locket quilt blog tour with Fat Quarter Shop and Art Gallery Fabrics!

I was lucky enough to be asked by Fat Quarter Shop and Art Gallery Fabrics to make this Locket quilt. 
At the bottom of my post is the list of all the other bloggers participating. I can't wait to see all the different versions!

 I love Fat Quarter Shop patterns and videos, so easy to follow, great pattern writing, the kind you don't have to read, just look at the graphics. This is a cute simple patterns that makes a stunning quilt!!

I started with a bunch of chain piecing and trimming. I mixed several different Art Gallery Fabrics lines. Lots of designers in this bunch!

Here is a link to the video tutorial. Such a good video. You will whip this quilt up!

Here is the basic block structure.  I thought I would only have a couple blocks done in time for this blog tour, but pushed through the last few days, and managed to finish the top!

Fat Quarter Shop has a Locket quilt kit, ready to purchase and get going! And here is the backing set. 

Its no secret that I LOVE Art Gallery Fabrics, I love their designers, and the fabric is super soft!

I think the quilt will end up in my 2nd daughters room. It goes perfectly in here, and adds a little more "teenager" fabrics to her room. 

I love the secondary star pattern the teal print adds. Such a neat quilt!

Check out all these other Locket quilts in this blog tour here:


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Quilt Story- A feature on Pamela Wiley

We got an email about this amazing quilter, Pamela Wiley, a friend wrote up this post and submitted these photos. I am quite inspired and in awe at the detail! Such unique modern piecing and quilting. What am impressive quilter!!

Wiley utilizes grids, borders, and enclosing angles in flat maze-like spaces. Patterns in each piece build, divide and dissolve with positive and negative space creating optical illusions. There is a gentle playfulness between shapes, a geometric game in which some pieces fit together and others refract. They bespeak ritual and custom, comfort and stability, while introducing new connections and planes of comprehension. Like traditional quilts of old, Wiley’s interpret the culture and worldviews from which
they came.

An American artist living and working in coastal Georgia, Wiley enriches her practice with a broad knowledge of traditional French textile-making and deep interest in natural dye processes and the preservation of heirloom techniques. Her work exemplifies the decorative stitching of traditional whole cloth quilts and the breadth of geometry. Wiley’s work embodies the Feminist artist’s call to elevate the dialog of domesticity and experiential ritual in art and invoke more inclusion into that which is both personal and social.

In Story Lines, we see a female artist powerfully creating space for women’s roles to be projected and interpreted via a blended language of art, design and craft. With stitched text and lines delineating pathways throughout her work, Wiley invites viewers to to unlock their personal narrative, internal dialogue, and memories. She advises her audience to “be true” adding, “the story is open to 
interpretation, the lines are merely guides to get you there.”

Above photo taken by Gabrielle Hutchison more can be found here.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fabric Tuesday friends!

Megan and I are not getting a lot of sewing time in. Busy with kids and Christmas and my watercolor side business. Busy time of year. I just picked a few from last week, because it is past midnight, and I need some sleep!

North Star quilt by Teje

Neros Post and Patch and this faublous Christmas/fair isle quilt.  Im loving this!

THis amazing Heather Ross bag. I this this is fabulous! From Sewn By Leila

Joys Jots, shots adn whatnots. A memory quilt of Dad's shirts. I am still working on my Dads shirt memory quilt. Hard to sew.

Confessions of a Fabric Addict , this quilt is great!

Gemini Stitches. Love this pillow!

What do you have to share this week?

Friday, December 11, 2015

Art Gallery Fabrics Christmas outfits for the kids! CUTE!

 Art Gallery Fabrics asked me to create some projects with  DARE by Pat Bravo lucky me! Once I saw the line, I knew I had to make some Christmas outfits for my 5 kids! I had not sewn with knit much before, so I got my mom to help me. My mom is a master seamstress. And she said at least a dozen times "this is such a good quality knit!...stretches both ways..." On and on! She loved it! I will have to make her a scarf out of the leftovers.   

First up is my darling third daughter. This girl has grown in the last year. All her dresses and skirts were way too short.I made this fit below the knee. I attached it to a knit shirt from target. And now she has a nice knit dress that won't wrinkle for when she wants to sleep at grandmas or cousins. This knit is soft! I am sure she will wear out this dress!
Next up, a peter pan collar. My mom and I agreed, after Christmas we need to make like 600 of these. They are darling, easily dress up any outfit, and so easy to make. Love!
Next we have my darling 4th daughter. Isn't she sweet! I love this plaid peter pan collar. Just too sweet! She looked so fancy pants with this collar. Then I made her a long maxi skirt, because she just wanted to look a little grown up. She is a cutie!~

All these knit skirts, and Addies dress were made from a variety of pinterest tutorials. We didn't use any elastic, it is the knit material that is holding the waist in. These are going to be so nice to have, and not have to iron.  I love when I can make them all matchy matchy.

For my second daughter, we went with a long maxi. She has a hard time finding things long and slim. So it was nice to make this a custom size. It is a really cute fit on her. This knit really lays nicely, and tightly where you want it too. 

Now here is my fifth, our only boy. We adore him. Can you see why? I just made him a simple sweet tie. 

Last but not least, our third born, McKenna. This little lady is a tall tall girl! 5"9 last we checked.  I made her a pretty scarf, that I promptly took away after this photoshoot. its too pretty, and cute and soft! Now we will all share it. 

I also made her skirt mid length. She too has too short of skirts for her long long legs. This goes right below her knees. And a simple white target top was all I needed to get to complete the look.

Now these cuties are ready for Christmas, and hopefully then I can snap a photo of all five together. We only have a couple hours of sunlight when they get home from school, and I never had them all home at the same time this week. Anyhow. I will get that pic!

Thanks Art Gallery Fabrics!!! 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Horse + Sleeping Bags

Hey friends! We're right in the thick of the holidays...and I'm sure you're like us working on a bunch of projects at once!

Psst there is a "simple" tutorial for how to make these at the end.

When Art Gallery Fabrics asked to me to creates something with DARE by Pat Bravo I knew the perfect project, sleeping bags for horses!  LOL!!  Heather got a good laugh when I told her that.  My stuffed animal and horse obsessed Lucy is getting some for Christmas.  Well obviously they need somewhere to sleep.

Mr Panda Bear is quite cozy in his quilted bed!

It fits most of her existing stuffed animals and dollies.

And the horses...she is going to be thrilled!  These will all squeeze in her bed every night I'm sure!

My favorite print is the black and white floral.  I also really love the other floral too.  Such pretty colors in DARE!

Thanks for stopping by!!  Hope you're catching up on your WIPs this week!

The simple how-to is as follows:

* 1/4 yard cut print (+ binding)

* fold in half length-wise (matching selvedge edges)

* Baste/batting. I spray basted but this step doesn't need to be perfect (ie I didn't tape it down or anything)

* Quilt (an awesome opportunity to practice and try new designs)

* On one short edge attach binding

*Fold edge with binding up to desired placement,

* Pin and add binding all around


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fabric Tuesday!

It's that time of year!  Time of year where we are sewing and working on projects..and can't share half of them! Ha!  Anyway I have to get started on a project today (to share WEDNESDAY) and Heather has one to share Thursday.  But until then you can admire these pretty projects.


Cry Here pillow, by: The Cozy Pumpkin

Fabric Tuesday #258
Finished projects or WIPs
Quilts, pillows, bags...anything with FABRIC
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Have a great week!