Wednesday, August 18, 2010

P's Double Pinwheel String Quilt

Paulette from The Way I Sew It has a great quilt to share today, and not only that but a tutorial too so you can make your own!  I love the color combos in this quilt, light blues and reds can really do it for me!  And, she figured out how to make this quilt all on her own...seriously.  Make sure to check out her cute blog, look at these cute potholders she just whipped up!  Nice!  Now on to the quilt:

Double Pinwheel String Quilt

Back in late winter, when the sky and remaining snow cover were often the same shade of gray, I dreamed of making this colorful double pinwheel string quilt. It was pictured in a book called String Quilts with Style, by Bobbie Aug and Sharon Newman, and it was just that—a picture. There were no instructions for this particular quilt. It was just a gallery example of an awesome string quilt.
Personally, I think ALL string quilts are awesome. I’ve never met one I didn’t like, a LOT. I feel the same way about pinwheel quilts. And scrappy quilts…and bold color? Bring it on! This quilt hit all my happy buttons!
Without instructions and just the photo for reference, I was left to fly by the seat of my pants. So I busted out the old plastic protractor to determine the angle of the inner red pinwheel, did some fiddling to create a template, and away I went.

I used all kinds of scraps for the strings—modern, traditional, vintage—which were pieced onto paper ripped out of the phone book. The blue fabric in the pinwheel blocks was a vintage fabric found at the thrift store. I ran short when it came time for the border, but fortunately there was a Kona blue that was an almost perfect match. It was quilted by my long arm quilter, Sandy, with multicolored variegated thread in an allover design that reminds me of windblown pinwheels.

You can find the details of how to make this quilt on my blog. I posted a four-part tutorial here. And if you make one, let me know—I’d love to see it!

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Thank you, Heather and Megan for the invitation to share this quilt on Quilt Story!
Thanks so much Paulette!  We really love this quilt and were so happy you would share :)


Jennifer said...

That is a beautiful quilt! It combines two of my favorites... string quilts and pinwheels.

Jennifer :)

Charity said...

Love it, I just love it. I don't think it could be said another way.

Michelle said...

This quilt is on my bucket list!

Elizabeth said...

This quilt is a natural choice for a feature here. It is gorgeous. P., I'm so glad you documented the process because pinwheels are AWESOME, and so are string quilts (as you already mentioned). The quilting suits it perfectly. And I think my favorite detail is the stripey binding. It is a huge wow!

xo -E

Quiltstory said...

love it! Want to try it. Beautiful quilt!

Bellgirl said...

This looks so inspiring! I know there's going to be a pinwheel quilt in my near future- I'm off to have a look at your tutorial!

QuilterMary said...

OMG ... what a great quilt! I love everything about scrappy quilts. GREAT JOB!!

Karey said...

I love this one! It's definitely going on my to do list! :) Thanks so much for the tutorial!

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

Em said...

I love love love pinwheels and this is an awesom SPIN on it!!!!!!!!!!!!! How fun!