Friday, September 3, 2010

Creative Chicks Collegiate Quilt

We got this cute quilt submission from Emily of Creative Chicks. It made us giggle.  Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks of silly (at the time genius) ideas and laughs at them later!  Their blog is run by three cute sisters and they have a variety of interests and projects ideas, it's a fun blog so check them out!

Twelve years ago when my husband graduated from college I had tons of ambition and minimal quilting knowledge. But, I decided that my husband needed a quilt to celebrate his graduation! I designed a quilt, bought and sewed the fabrics and then put it away to finish after we got "settled" into real life. The more I learned about quilting the more I realized that my original idea was NOT going to work AT ALL. (It was basically a huge applique quilt with iron on lettering.) Plus, in all my graduation excitement I was making it to fit on our queen-size bed! (Like we're going to want to have collegiate themed bedding...The thought of that still makes me laugh!)
My husband had known that I had this unfinished quilt but he never did see it. He wanted to be surprised when it got finished. At least once a year for the past 12 years he has asked when he's going to get his Aggie Quilt. I would just laugh and say "Someday..." Last year when I made this quilt for my sister he really turned up the heat by asking "Are you ever going to finish MY quilt?" I would just smile sweetly and say "Yes, dear! It's on my list."
I had a goal of getting the quilt done in time for Christmas 2009. Since my original idea was no good (and ugly), I've had to come up with a new design. When I came across this quilt I knew I needed to copy it for my husband. It is so fantastic!!
I tried my best to sew it without my husband knowing a thing. I sewed during the day while he was at work and then made sure it was all put away before he got home. Well, life got in the way and I ended up only giving him the unfinished top. (I know, kind of lame...) He was REALLY surprised and excited none the less.
After Christmas I was able to quilt it up and finish it off for him. Now that it's been done for several months I am happy to say that my husband uses his quilt as much as I'd hoped. A few weeks ago I put it in a quilt show. It was gone for about 14 days. He asked me everyday when he was going to get his quilt back! Now that it's back he's a happy man! :)
Quilt Pattern: Plain Spoken from The Modern Quilt Workshop book by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle

Thank you so much for your submission!  I love this quilt, it is most definitely manly!!  I may have to give it a try for my honey too!  And same colors! :)

Make sure to stop my Creative Chicks and check them out!


Stray Stitches said...

What a great story! Love the quilt.

Char said...

Great post! love the quilt.

Jennifer said...

I love this quilt! The colors and the quilting are perfect. Great story too...

Jennifer :)

Bellgirl said...

This looks so wonderful, and the boy looks very happy and proud of his gift!

P. said...

Cute story, and I really like how the quilt turned out! The quilting is perfect for it.

Micki said...

I enjoyed reading the story and seeing the quilt...It is gorgeous!

ConundrumChum said...

I gave you "A Cherry On Top" award. I like your blog very much. Thanks.

Diane said...

That looks awesome! I love all the variations of widths! and that's too cute how much your hubby missed it while it was gone! ;) Great job!