Monday, September 27, 2010

Love Laugh Quilt

Meet Beth from Love Laugh Quilt.  We found her blog through a linky party and she gets stuff done!  Her finished quilts of 2010 list would put most to shame!  I especially love this striped pinwheel quilt.  Heart.  And she's got some really great tutorials like how to make a yo-yo or how to make a spiral log cabin block.  Today she's sharing her charity quilt.

One charity quilt ready to go!!
And it is 100% scraps.
Isn't it a fun one?

I quilted long lines...
no marking....
red thread....
I like that word.

As I quilted
I tried to make
Confident lines,
since I knew they wouldn't be straight.

you're going to quilt lines that are NOT perfectly straight....
then, I think....they'd better be .....
I had a few hiccups.
In other words, They're not all
Some of the lines do not f-l-o-w.
You know what I mean, right?
Well, I'll practice some more and
maybe I'll improve in my
organic quilting abilities.

 Scrappy Binding.

Scrappy back.

 What a happy little quilt!!!


Sarah Craig said...

Beth is one of my favorite bloggers - I always love her quilts and the fact that she makes the coolest stuff out of what she has on hand! Thanks for bringing her to QuiltStory!!

Leslie said...

i love this quilt. i am a follower of hers and hope to someday be able to make this one and make it look just as amazing.!!! hooray for being on quiltstory

Quiltstory said...

Love this quilt. So bright and happy. Thanks for the feature!

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