Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Double Hourglass Quilt from Crafty Cupboard

During the Block Party Heather and I came across these great blocks, so of course we followed link to link to link and soon we were admiring all of Melanie's things from The Crafty Cupboard.  We were looking at all her tutorials she offers, as well as following her "quilts" tags.  It's so fun discovering other crafters.  And here is Melanie's fabulous double hourglass quilt that she made for someone in need of comfort.

I brought this quilt to our Young Woman weekly activity last night to finish up the binding while the girls practiced their volleyball skills. The occasional "Yeah!!! Great effort!!" was all that was required of me, so I was able to finish a side and a half :). I know, I'm terrible.
This quilt is uber cute. Primary colors make me smile, and want to go play at a part and have a picnic. How about you? Especially when you toss in a good stripe for the binding.

This quilt is particularly important because it is for my sister's mother-in-law, Karen, and a longtime friend of our family. She is going through Chemotherapy for a second time after her Lymphoma returned. I guess it missed the memo that it wasn't welcome back.

The double hourglass signifies time. Doubled. The fabric is 1930's reproduction prints, reminiscent of time past. Cancer is a mean, yucky, frightening thing, but the one thing we can be assured of is the time we have spent with those who mean most to us. Like many, Karen's life hasn't necessarily been filled with gilded pathways and gleaming adventures, but she has been a shining example of love for the Lord, and love of family. We are looking forward to many more years with her as our friend!



Wendy said...

What a beautiful quilt and gift!

pamela said...

What a special gift that will help during chemo and for many years to come!!!

thecraftyquilter said...

WoW! What a beautiful quilt and a beautiful thought! I am sure it will be loved.

Amanda said...

I've seen this design quite a bit recently and it always puzzles me why it isn't called Double Spools, instead of Double Hour Glass. Maybe it's just me, but I see lovely little spools of thread. This is beautiful!

Sarah Craig said...

That is a beautiful quilt, and a wonderful story. I'm sure it will be loved and appreciated!! Thanks for sharing!!

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

It is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

amy smart said...

That is a beautiful quilt - I love that pattern. And a very meaningful gift. Best, best wishes.