Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Argyle Robot Quilt from Don't Tell Quilts

Amanda from Don't Tell Quilts submitted her darling quilt a couple weeks ago.  Amanda is just like Heather and I....she doesn't like to make the same quilt twice!  That is exactly our problem.  Often we get asked why we don't sell more of our quilts or other sewing projects, and there are a few reasons but one major one is I don't enjoy making the same thing over and over.  Back to Amanda, she started her blog when she was making a quilt for her brother and named it "Don't Tell Nathan Lindsey!" as in specifically telling them not to tell her brother.  And things have just taken off from there!   She just opened her shop, so check it out!

Here's my very appropiately named Argyle Robot.
 What is there to say about this?  It's argyle, it's got a robot.  That about covers it really.
 My husband commented that this combination was very me.  Apparently argyle and robots aren't an obvious combination to most people.  But really, they so work!  What is more geeky sophisticated than argyle?  Nothing, that's what!  And robots are equally geeky sophisticated.  Especially this one, he has a bow tie.
 I backed it in fleece, which caused a whole right side wrong side internal debate while I was laying it out.  And, Holy Lint Roller, Batman, my floor is now devoid of stray threads.
 (also, I used the June Taylor fusible batting; it was on a major clearance.  My opinion: weird.  It worked well enough on the solid piece sides, but beneath my piecing, not so hot.  I still used pins.  Who am I to tell June, but I don't expect I'll be fusing it again.  I did get a queen sized batting for six bucks though, so not a total bust.)
 This was also my first time quilting with embroidery floss.  And I loved it!  It is the perfect look for this.  It had to be something as visible as floss or a whole element would have been missing.  Argyle isn't argyle with out the crosshatch.
This little bit of me is headed to my etsy shop.  We'll see if there are any other geeky sophisticates out there.

I also finished my Princess and the Pea quilt pattern.  That request took some brain power; I made a quilt pattern but I've never used one myself!  Got a few of those in my shop as well.



dream quilt create said...

I love your robot argyle quilt! You definately have the argyle look going on and the quilting is great :)

Taryn V. said...

I *love* this quilt! I'm a big fan of robots and I like how you worked it into the argyle pattern! Beautiful!

barbara woods said...

i love him so cute

Cherie said...

Such a cute quilt! The colours really do work well together, the quilting is really cool! =D

Audrie said...

Love, love, love this quilt!!

Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

Awesome! I love Amanda's blog - so fun to see her featured here!

Anonymous said...

It's a fab quilt, and I think since argyle is geeky and so are robots (and I say that with love since I love robots and I love my geeky son), this is a perfect combo!

dezertsuz at gmail

Jatin Sethi said...

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