Thursday, May 6, 2010

Be Featured!

Would you like your quilt featured on Quiltstory? We would love to feature you! We are looking for all kinds of quilts from original quilts to ones made from patterns. Modern quilts with wonky layouts, traditional quilts, applique, hand quilted, you name it we want to see it! As long as it's considered a "quilt" it qualifies!

Being featured on Quiltstory is a fun way to show your quilt off to more people than your own followers. You will likely get many more followers after your quilt is featured. In your feature, we will link back to your post and a couple of links from your site. (Posts we like, tutorials, your shop etc.) When you are featured on Quiltstory you will be sent html code for a special "featured on Quiltstory" button to decorate your blog.

All you need to do is send us an email with your blog link of the quilt you want to feature. Alternately you can send us photos with a little write up about the quilt. We will get back to you and let you know if there is anything else we need (more photos, details etc.) and let you know your feature date. Don't be intimidated by the word "story". Every quilt truly has a story, even seems insignificant to you, it may be impactful to another reader.

What will help you get a quick feature date is photos. Great photos. Take your quilt out doors and take the photos in natural light. Take several photos, full, and close up. Be creative with your photos, take different angles, hang on a tree branch etc. Rarely when you submit we may do basic edits in photoshop, brighten, crop etc. (Please let us know when you submit your photos if you don’t want any editing)

We normally book a few weeks out. We love when we refresh our inbox and see more submissions. Keep them coming!

Heather and Megan
email: myquiltstory{at}gmail{dot}com

By submitting to Quiltstory, we may use your photos and post as advertising, or linking to other sites.