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Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's YOUR story?

**Please visit our revised submissions tab for full SIMPLE details**

We've realized that our submissions page has intimidated a lot of people and maybe turned some away from submitting a quilt!  And we say boo to that :)  We are so excited and interested in featuring many many quilts on this site, and we need your help!

What to submit? A quilt!  It can be any size, theme, colors, etc.  We want modern quilts to traditional using all kinds of fabrics.  They can be simple or ornate. 

Who to submit to? Heather and Megan, sisters who run this little bloggy and Fresh Poppy Design.  E-mail us at myquiltstory{at}gmail{dot}com.  Or to be really simple, click on that monster green circle button on our sidebar that says "contact us".

How do I submit? Email us a link to a post on your blog OR send us a little write-up and pictures.  Don't have a blog?  No problem.  You can just email us the pictures and a story.

Why should I submit?  Let's just be honest, we all love recognition for things we've created with our own two hands!  Secondly, it's a great way to promote your own blog or shop and gain more followers.

What's in a story?  Of course some quilts have amazing stories.  Sad and inspirational stories, quilts made for babies and friends, quilts made to represent something.  However those aren't the only stories we feature!  We choose fabrics for a reason, we choose which pattern or design for a reason, we choose why we're making it for a reason.  Those are all things we as quilters are interested in reading!

Get great photos! The number one thing we look for is good photos.  Even if you don't have a great camera, take your quilt outside and get some great shots...avoid direct sunlight and use nature to show it off. 

How do I get featured?  We realize that there are quilters with all kinds of taste and personalities, so we love to keep this blog diverse and show all kinds inspiration.  We are not too picky, promise :)

What do we ask? All we ask in return for featuring your quilt and site is that you mention us.  We LOVE to see our buttons on your sidebar and we LOVE to see posts that you link to us.  We appreciate you taking the time to help us get our blog out there too!

Thank you!  We just want to say a thank you to all those who have submitted and will submit.  We appreciate the support you give this blog by reading, following, using our buttons and participating in Fabric Tuesday!  We've been so excited to watch it grow and shape into a blog that we think is resourceful and inspiring!  Thank you.

Boring? Wouldn't this be a really boring post if there wasn't a picture of a quilt?  I agree.

Here is a darling quilt that my mom made for my little boy Sawyer 3 years ago.  She let me choose the fabrics and she put it all together.

I really really love this backing.

We even added his sweet little hand print. I believe he was 6 months old.
I also love this blue striped's perfect!  It is only 1 inch wide too, eek!

My mommy has made both of my boys quilts at their birth.  They are so sweet and I know will be treasured forever, by at least me.  After all they are boys.

To sum up, and solidify this as the longest. post. ever.
....make sure to check out Fresh Poppy Design today.  I posted my Halloween runner that I made from this stash!

Let's see some submissions :)



Sarah Craig said...

Hello, Heather and Megan! I should have a couple of quilts to submit to you soon - as soon as I write the post on one, and finish and post about the second! Thanks for hosting this blog - it's a wonderful place for inspiration!

Faith L said...

I would love a pattern for this quilt! The circles and squares are so perfect together!

Heather said...

super cute and adorable! LOVE

Amalia Wilsn said...

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