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Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Bug's Sherbet Pips Quilt finish

JuneBug submitted this cute Sherbet Pips quilt. I personally haven't even cut into my stash! I love how she brings out the pink! Love it! Just look at all her projects she has completed! JuneBug also has an her Etsy shop here, cute little handbags! Enjoy!

I finished the Sherbet Pips Quilt! And to say that I am proud of myself is really an understatement.

This quilt started when I won a Sherbet Pips charm pack from Jaceycraft. Along with a fabric bundle I won from Lizzie, I felt I had to put it all to good use and make a quilt. A real quilt, made with quilt blocks, basted to batting, and with binding.

I love the Sherbet Pips fabric line because it can be gender neutral if you want it to be. But you can also girl it out too! I added lots and lots of pink to the quilt because my girl really loves all things pink. I personally very much appreciate the blues and greys in there too.

The back of the quilt is mostly a clearance sheet from the Company store. Does any other quilter out there do this? I loved it because I didn't have to peice together a whole back. I threw in a peiced strip for some eye catching interest and also to make the quilt reversible if we don't want such a busy top showing.

I quilted it with basic straight lines, randomly placed. I really love how it turned out, echoing all the 90 degree angles in the blocks.

I am so thrilled with how the binding turned out. It's the first time I've ever done binding and I was so daunted. I made it wider than the average - I think the finished width is about 3/4". I also made very good use of mydemo machine's embroidery function and machine stitched the binding with a cute star pattern. I absolutely love how it looks.

Here's Lili, the proud owner of a new handmade quilt! It's total coincidence that her outfit today matches the quilt :)

And the quilt in it's intended resting place, on the big girl bed.

In all, this quilt took me about a month to complete. I don't know if I'll do it again, but MAN it was satisfying. I am so glad I finished it!



Anonymous said...

I like your design on your Sherbet Pips Quilt! Lili, will enjoy this I'm sure on her big girl bed. As she grow up she'll always remember that you made it just for her! So sweet, love the colors you used too! Very Nice! :)

Ruth said...

What a lovely quilt! It's gorgeous!

Charity said...

I think her little smile says it all.
On a quilters note, I love the binding. I'm going to have to remember that for the next project. It really added a bit of sparkle, right to the very end.

Lynette said...

Aww :) look at her smile! I love the stars on the binding - very fun and perfect for a girl's quilt!

~The Bargain Babe from *Zucchini Summer Blog* said...

Very cute quilt. I love how you did the star stitch on the binding, I never would have thought to do a a decorative stitch there!

Rachel D said...

This quilt is so pretty! And I LOVE the detail on the binding stitches!

Pieces to Love said...

Beautiful, it looks so soft and snuggly.

felicity said...

Your quilt is fabulous!

the gathering girls said...

Beautiful work, and embroidery on the it!!

littlemissmk said...

super cute! i also love the binding- and your little girl is adorable! :)

Gmama Jane said...

I have not thought of using my embroidery stitches on my machine for the binding!! What a great idea! I'm finishing up a binding right now and I'm going to go back and try your idea! This is why I love quilting blogs so much! Many heads are better than one!
Gmama Jane

Gmama Jane said...

Oh and BTW, your quilt is stunning, very colorful and well made! Your precious one will treasure it later on in life!!

Aspiring Mom2three said...

I love your Sherbert Pips quilt! The colors and block placement are beautiful and she looks quilt happy to have it. I've never thought to use embroidery on the binding. Will have to do that next time!

I always use a sheet on the back, and try to add a splash of fabric from the quilt on the back

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