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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Applique circles quilt from mansells on the move..

Clare from mansells on the move blog, made this darling circle quilt for her baby. Love this quilt. Clare has all her quilt finishes here, there are some darling ones. She is a travelling Mama, currently in Scotland, her blog header and graphics are darling. Her blog is a fun read, so be sure to head over...

Applique circles quilt

Applique circles quilt

Two quilts in two weeks? There's no stopping me!

This is the first of many quilts I'll be making for our baby who is due next month. I'm loving being able to work on small quilts AND keep them. Before I found out I was pregnant I'd run out of excuses to make a quilt in anything but a superking size for us, but they'll hopefully be lots of excuses to make mini quilts over the next few years.

Applique Circle Quilt

This quilt is exactly a yard square and is intended to be used as a play mat with a baby gym. The fabric I used is from Moda's It's A Hoot range. I'm slowly learning that there tends to be a bit of a lag between me buying fabric and actually using it for a project, by which stage the yardage has often sold out.

I learned my lesson this time and bought two packs of charm squares and yardage as soon as I saw it on sale. I had a few reservations that the colours were a bit girlie (we don't know what we're having) but when mixed together I think it looks sufficiently unisex....

Applique circles quilt

I had a new tool to play with when I did the binding for this quilt. Previously I have always used this method to finish attaching the binding. It produces great results, but is fiddlely to do. Then when I was searching youtube for quilting tutorial videos for my sister, I found this video which recommends using a binding tool to achieve exactly the same finish. After finally tracking a UK store down that sold them and waiting for the stock to arrive, I can confidently say I won't be going back to the old method!

Applique circles quilt

I also bought myself a copy of Block Party- The Modern Quilting Bee. I have been wanting to get involved with or organise a quilting bee for ages and there are some great ideas and patterns in the book. I'm just trying to decide whether it would be insanity to start a bee with a new baby on the way, or whether it would actually be a rather nice manageable size quilting project - what do you think and would anyone be interested in joining the fun?



Melissa said...

I love that quilt! It's beautiful, and not at all girly. Your baby is going to love it. :)

I'm in a few bees, and I'm the admin for one of them, so I've been around the block a bit. I am in GREAT bees, though, so I don't have tons of horror stories, but if you're really interested, I could email you my honest-to-goodness thoughts on joining vs starting a bee.

Oh, and I'm pregnant with my 3rd (have a 3 y.o., a 1 y.o., and am expecting in April), so I can really speak to having a baby and being in a bee and all that it entails. :)

Just email me if you want to know my thoughts.

Ella said...

I might be up for another's a great book!

KellyS said...

Beautiful quilt! I love the quilting on it!

I just joined my first bee with my modern quilt guild, we start in January, so I can't tell you much about how much time it takes.

I am interested in another bee, but like you, I don't know if I have the time. I have twin 2yos and a 3 month old... so we are still not sleeping well here, even worse now that one of the twins is sick. :( BUT... if you do decide to start up a bee, send me an email and I will see where I am at that point. :)

Stephanie Granite said...

I have that binding tool and it's amazing. I'll never go back to the old way I used to do it.

Anonymous said...

I love your quilt and your blog. It's do nice to see a fellow quilter/blogger in Scotland!

Barb N said...

Here's a link to buy the Binding Tool in the states:

I'm definitely going to get one!

Love your quilts - you are going to have so much fun sewing for your baby!

Debby said...

What a sweet quilt, your baby is going to LOVE it!!

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