Friday, January 13, 2012

AMAZING paper pieced quilt from Selfsewn life...

AMAZING  quilt from my selfsewn life by Summerfete, she paper pieced the entire thing! Each block took an hour, and there are 68 blocks! This girl does not have ADD! I think this would take me years! She has a wonderful hand piecing tutorial, and a great fussy cutting tutorial.  Here is some more details about the quilt, you must check them out...

Summer of Love Quilt
 I'm entering Amy's
If like me you have never heard of it go take a look
there are some amazing quilts to swoon over.
I'm sharing my hand sewn English paper pieced summer of love quilt
that I finished this June.
I suppose you would call it a scrap quilt,
as no two stars are the same
and the majority of the fabric came from my stash.
Some are from friends and some are from France
and one is from my childhood!
 My inspiration was a vintage hexagon patchwork cushion.
So the fabrics are a mix of vintage and new,
with an addition of solids to break up the busyness.
 I backed it with an old duvet,
as I'm all about using what you have.
When I found the scrap for the binding
I couldn't believe how well it matched the scheme.
 As I'm not the worlds greatest quilter I did simple machine diagonals,
also I didn't want to add to the fussiness,
though I'm probably regretting that decision now!
 It took me at least 6 months to complete,
though I really motored on during winter/spring
 I learnt about fussy cutting through this quilt,
it's a real joy to see how the patterns form.
 Well for those of you have seen it all before
hope you enjoyed the re-run!
And to those that are new to me
I hope it has brightened your day!



Unknown said...

Such a beautiful quilt :-)

beaquilter said...

wow! that's gorgeous!

Little Penpen said...

Wow... I love this quilt. I love the scrappiness of it all and the brightness that resulted! Beautiful!

Needled Mom said...

It is really a beautiful quilt!

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said...

I love the way you put fabrics together! Can't wait to see your Star Rose project next.

Danny Heyen said...


Kate said...

Simply beautiful!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Must try that along with my grandmother's flower garden.

Kristi said...

love this pretty

Selfsewn said...

Thankyou for your lovely comments, I was sure people were sick of this quilt!!

Thanks H&M for featuring my blog, connect is my word of the year, it's certainly working!


harleywife57/ Mickey White said...

OH WOW !!! this is stunning !

felicity said...

Completely gorgeous!