Monday, February 20, 2012

BOM updates!

Have you started working on your block for March?  If you haven't joined our BOM it is never too late, we haven't even started the first month for crying out loud! :)

If you are using the book, "501 Rotary-Cut Blocks", here are the blocks we're doing.  Following the theme of 9-patch Heather chose "Farm Friendliness" on page 104.  I chose "Split Nine Patch" on page 233.  Want to see a little progress on mine?

Okay not really progress, just cut out! :)  I decided to not use any orange or green on this block, went with gray, aqua and white.  I think this combo should work nicely.

AND, we've started a FLICKR group for Quilt Story's BOM!  Please go here to add your fabric selections, block progress and finished blocks!

Reminder: We will be posting our finished blocks on Monday March 5th.  There will be a place for you to link your own blocks up (but you will have an unlimited amount of time to link-up even if you haven't finished yet.)  Start your blocks today if you haven't!

Please if you have any questions leave them in the comments section.  I will reply to you by email AND respond to the question in the comments so everyone can see.  I know this is a little different than some BOM series so let us know if you need clarification!



Gabriella said...
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Gabriella said...

So if I have understood ... this month we have to do a block with a nine patch (in every form ^__^).
I don't have your book but I can make a 12,5 infinished block and I have to put the entry on Monday March 5th.I have understand this ... I think is right ... I hope

Hugs from Italy

Lucy | Charm About You said...

Lovely fabric combo!

CathyK said...

I am very excited to begin! Just got my book and fabric last week! I am ready!!! :0)

Gabriella said...

Megan ... I haven't found your answer in the comment post ... I have lost everything maybe ^__*?


Karen, aka Yaya said...

Hi--I'm a bit confused and need some clarification. Are we supposed to be working on the first block--some sort of "nine patch" before March 1?? There's a group of anxious quilters over at who are all excited about the beginning of your BOM.

Rosa said...

If I understand we have to do a nine patch block before march 5th?I don´t have the book .

From spain

Quiltstory said...

Karen---YES you can start working on it NOW. If you need clarification re-read the first post (linked in this one or on the side bar) and I think it will make more sense. This isn't the typical BOM.

Rosa---Yes you can get started on your own 9 patch block, whatever design you want as long as it is considered "9 patch" in someway :) Don't worry we're not going to be strict or anything, it's just for fun! And we will leave the link open so if you finish sometime later in March you will still be able to link up!

Renea said...

Ok, I have been looking for a pattern on your site for something 9-patch.

BUT, i get to pick which type of 9-patch from anywhere.

ok, look outside the box and be flexible. Right!