Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fabric Tuesday #113

Fabric Tuesday #113!

I (Megan) am in Utah finally getting to see Heather and the rest of my family.  We had a great Thanksgiving, lots of food and so many pies :)  Everyone also got to meet Lucia.  My sweet baby girl has certainly brought an amazing feeling around our family that we all need right now.

Did you enjoy Thanksgiving?  Any of you sewing?  Heather and I have been doing a little crocheting, so nice to chill on the couch and watch a show!

Here's some darling projects from last week:

Sandy quilts from Knotted Thread

Lunch box from Crafting...

Little House in the Woods from Krista Stitched

Weekender bag WIP
Weekender Travel Bag from Quilt it out

Ya'll are so inspiring!  What have you done this week?



Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Heather and Megan! Great features again! I'm happy to see again these beautiful works and to be reminded about great ideas! Happy week to you! x Teje

Jenny Wren said...

Wow that is one busy week!

claudia said...

Hi! So happy that your Thanksgiving was good for you all. Especially that Lucia was able to bring some smiles to everyone! Babies are so good at that.
I enjoyed the links such nice sewing and quilting! I can't get to the one with the lunch box from Crafting...for some reason. (Maybe the link is broken?) I really wanted to see where she got her pattern, because I have been looking for a good lunchbox style. Thank you for any help you can direct me to.

claudia said...

I found it! Thank you!!!

Farm Road Quilts said...

Thanks for the opportunity to link up! I became a follower too.

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