Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Which Way Quilt from ...just quilts

Great quilt today from Steffi of ...just quilts.  LOVE the colors, she speaks my language!!  She's got some really fun projects, I love this Fabric House she posted a couple weeks ago.  Make sure to stop by ...just quilts for some inspiration!

Yesterday I finished the hand quilting and binding on the "Which Way?" quilt. For the binding I chose a grey fabric with a white polka dot pattern because I thought the rest of the quilt is colorful enough.

If you are new to this blog: welcome, it´s nice to have you here! :-) 
(Of course it´s nice to have my regular readers here, too!)
And if you are interested in the tutorial for this little quilt, you can find ithere.

 For the binding I used a new to me technique. First I sewed it onto the front as usual. Then I turned and pressed it to the back. and using a fancy machine stitch sewed it in place from the front.
 The back looks like this:
 Not bad, I think. And very much more quick than hand sewing it to the back. I don´t know if I would do it on a heirloom bed quilt, but for me it´s okay with this little wall hanging.

Now the quilt hangs in a little corner of our living room.



Lynne said...

Very cute indeed!

Steffi´s Candy Quilts said...

Hello Heather and Megan,
thank you for showing my little quilt today! It´s an honour for me!

Lynette said...

Pretty colors! I like fancy stitches on machine-sewn bindings. I also like sewing the binding to the back, then pulling it around front and top-stitching super close to the edge (about 1/16"). Some quilts are perfect for machine binding. :)

claudia said...

What an adorable quilt! It's going in my queue to be made...someday, someday...

Altax said...

Awesome!!! The patterns are great.

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kopi said...

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