Friday, March 1, 2013

First-First Friday Finishes...Meg's Christmas Gift

Welcome to our first First Friday Finishes-whew!

Megan told you a bit about it here. Mostly we both wanted incentive to get some of our WIP's finished.  We each have a shameful amount.  The idea is to finish projects you've already started.  Check the sidebar to add the button to your blog:

Also we will still have Fabric Tuesday, no worries!!

Including each others Christmas gifts. We always give each other later than Christmas, because we know the other won't have it done. Takes off the pressure. We made a deadline. In fact, I believe Megan's gift to me should come in the mail tomorrow, we said March 1. Hmmmm...?

Megan's kitchen is aqua and red. I thought I would whip up some quick little place mats. I have been one to underestimate how much time a project will take. I did the same here....

But it was worth it. She loved them! She said they were in her top two Christmas gifts I have made her! That made me happy :)

Meg's Turn:

First I LOVE the place mats from Heather!  They are so cute and I've already got loads of compliments.  Thanks sister :)  And I wouldn't check your mail tomorrow :/

Okay so my finish was really simple.  I needed to add a quilt tag to to my son's birthday quilt! It was so close to being complete and I had this tag sitting around for weeks.  I will share the whole quilt in a couple weeks, but here's the tag added:

The quilt was finished, quilted and bound.  I appliqued and embroidered a piece of fabric and whip-stitched it to the back of the quilt.  It looks uneven but it isn't :) This is his favorite part of the quilt.  The first thing he said was "Hey! That's my name!"  I did a quilt label tutorial here.

Alright, hopefully some of you have your own finishes to share here so we are not up your FINALLY finished projects!



Shawn Stephenson Schumacher said...

Nice job ladies. What lovelies!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Beautiful place mats! Thanks for a new party! I did finish my shopping bag today but then didn't have anymore time to post it. x Teje

grapes and hearts said...

So I hope I got this right. My project is a february finish that I started during summer last year. But the blogpost is from mid-february. Is that o.k.? If not, feel free to delete my link ;o)

Oh, and lovely placemats! Love that colour combination.
And that quilt label is great. I will have to check that tutoria ;o)

RobotMomSews said...

I ♥ those placemats! Super cute! And thanks for hosting another great party!

CathyK said...

The place mats are so pretty!!!