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Monday, August 19, 2013

Ms Midge Bloom Bloom quilt finish...

Ms Midge has been an Instagram friend of ours for the last while. She sure turns out some darling projects! Here are some of her finishes. She is a mom of four from Australia. I love her About Me, you can just see the fun happy cute person she is! Can't wait to see what else this cute lady creates!

Clearly I am an impatient quilter.  I have shown that trait on many a project!  So of course I can't wait until my normal Finished Friday post to show you my latest finish - last night's binding effort nearly tipped me over the edge with excitement!

Those who have been following along with me would know that I have been partaking in my first ever quilt along these last few weeks - the Bloom Bloom Pow, by Freshly Pieced.  It has been one of the most interesting processes for me in terms of quilting.  Seeing how a quilting design can come together, and wondering how on earth Lee comes up with said designs!  She's such a smart cookie.  It is the second of Lee's patterns I have used, the first was her Kissing Fish pattern - which almost sent me crazy!  But the finished result was amazing!  It didn't take much to convince me to join in the QAL - and I will be forever grateful I did, with the finished quilt - in my humble opinion - absolutely stunning.  My favourite finish yet!

So without further ado, here she is, my Butterfly Bloom Bloom Pow!

Butterfly Bloom Bloom Pow!
The beautiful front view.
Butterfly Bloom Bloom Pow!
I straight line quilted as per Lee's suggestion, and LOVED how it made the blooms shine. 
Butterfly Bloom Bloom Pow!
I then got my FMQ on, just doing lots of loops.  About one quarter of the way down one side, I decided to throw caution to the wind and tried a butterfly, then once deciding this quilt would be given to my daughter on her 10th birthday this coming Friday, I quilted her name on it too.  Then had to hide her name for the rest of the quilting process as she hovered over my shoulder asking who the quilt was for?  And had I sold it to anyone?  Because she wants it......
Butterfly Bloom Bloom Pow!
I loved the butterflies so much there are about eight all together!
Butterfly Bloom Bloom Pow!
I love how every angle shows a different view!
Butterfly Bloom Bloom Pow!

Butterfly Bloom Bloom Pow!
And the back!  This is not how I originally envisioned the back on this quilt!  I used the triangular scraps from the cutting out of the blooms to appliqué on to homespun, and was going to use it on the front, but I had nothing but trouble with the appliqué stitch I chose to use, and just wasn't thrilled with the finish of it, so decided to use it on the back.  I pulled a bunch of the remaining Cocoon prints as well as some more "scraps" from the blooms to make a busy yet interesting back!  This way, the quilt can be used two separate ways, which I think my Chelsea girl will love.
Butterfly Bloom Bloom Pow!
The triangular scraps were rather tricky to use!  Lots of pins and gritted teeth used in the process......
Butterfly Bloom Bloom Pow!
And then when the quilting process began, I started freaking out about how it would affect this section of the back.  But I was pleasantly surprised how it all turned out!
Butterfly Bloom Bloom Pow!
Just swaying in the wind with the sun behind it!
Butterfly Bloom Bloom Pow!
And more photos in the afternoon sun.  I want to eat it!
Butterfly Bloom Bloom Pow!
The end.

Quilt Statistics:  Pattern is Bloom Bloom Pow by Freshly Pieced.  It's a quilt along, and will be there for prosperity!  I used Cocoon by Valori Wells for the main sections of the blooms and majority of the back.  I then chose a whole range of fat quarters for the backgrounds of the blooms, and one token half yard of Pearl Bracelets that I had in my stash, as a little homage to Lee's fabric choices.  Lots of white homespun thrown in too!  THREAD:  I chose Aurifil 50wt #2000, which is a divine gold thread, and goes beautifully with the gold hues throughout the Cocoon range.  Final measurements are 73" x 61".



Lauren Deel said...

Wow- what a finish! I love the back just as much as the front, and how much fun that she quilted Chelsea's name!!

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

It is gorgeous! I can see why you are over the moon about it! Fantastic...

Dolores said...

Wonderful quilt and since Chelsea has already voiced her opinion on it, I do believe it is a hit.

jan said...

It is absolutely gorgeous! I just love the colors and your FMQ looks terrific. Chelsea is going to be so surprised!
great job!
xo jan

Anonymous said...

It's really beautiful. Congrats!

Catherine said...

I saw this in the making on IG, it really is fabulous

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilt it all. Thanks for sharing. Marie (

MsMidge said...

Thank you so much Heather and Megan for sharing my Bloom Bloom Pow! And thank you to everyone for their lovely comments xxxx

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...


sue said...

Love it! Beautiful job, and SURE to be a treasured gift for Chelsea. Thank you for sharing with us.... to drool over!

Lee said...

This is just such a beautiful version of Bloom Bloom Pow! Thanks for sharing it, Ms. Midge and Quilt Story! : )

Molli Sparkles said...

What a great finish, and that gold thread just sets it off! It gives it a richness, that is also reflected in that great magenta binding (wink*wink*nod*nod)! hehe

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