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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fabric Tuesday 14. Link up!

 Hi all, Heather here. Here is a bit of what I have been up to. If you follow me on Instagram, @quiltstory you have seen these. If you don't do Instagram, start. Fun and addicting. A way to see your favorite friends and bloggers everyday lives. Photos you wouldn't necessarily break out the nice camera for. Here you go.

these last couple weeks I have been painting. Did these chevron's on my daughters wall, with my daughter. It was way too many hours of work, but we love how it is turning out. We have a few more projects planned for the room, but this was the hardest one. I also got watercolors for Christmas. I have painted with arycrilics before, but never watercolors. I have been painting in the evenings, in bed! I have been wanting to craft lately, but have been to tired (depressed about my Dad) to even sew. I have found the drawing and painting to be a perfect project for me.  The painting on the left is of Megan's Lucy, her first birthday party. Megan was happy. The one on the right is of Megan's friend's brand new baby.

Megan and I are both working on a Quilt with some of our Dads shirts and other fabrics. (I should say Megan is working, I am collecting fabric for mine) I also am rebinding a mug rug I made for my Dad a couple Christmas's ago, I will keep it with some other items of his.  And that last photo is a little pile of cute fabrics I just got today from Five Monkey Fabrics. Love them! So pretty. 

Instagram user names:
Heather @quiltstory
Megan @quiltstorymeg

Some projects from you guys last week. Love looking through all the posts. Thanks for submitting each week. 

Happy Cottage Quilter made this awesome quilt top. So cheery!

Candy Wheels (a charity quilt) from Love Love Sew. Sweet.

quilted selvage pillow by A Bright Corner
Andy from A bright Corner, is always up so some great projects.Finally met her in real life too. Love her.

Great quilt and quilting from Mountain Quiltworks. Amazingness!

Beautiful Embroidery from Growing Stitches. I really love embroidery. Need to get working on one...


From Nero's Post and Patch. Yet another amazing quilt!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm happy to hear that you paint! It is fun and relaxing - perhaps you needed something else than you do normally like quilting and sewing, to get your thoughts away from the difficult things. Wall painting looks also great!
Thank you so much for featuring my quilting! Sorry but the link doesn't work.
I wish you wonderful week and thank you again for the party! x Teje

Stephanie said...

Beautiful paintings! I too want to learn to use watercolors. Havne't thought of painting in bed before!

I am sharing a recent post of a not-so-recent-but-not-shared-before quilt today. It's something very special to me.

Lucy | Charm About You said...

The paintings are adorable! Those chevrons look brilliant :)

Vicki said...

Your water color work is amazing! Love the pink chevron. You have been one busy lady.

Keera Job - pattern co. said...

I love that pink chevron wall - can't wait to one day move into our own place to be able to paint walls with my daughter! Thankyou so much for featuring my Candy Wheels charity quilt - I am completely in shock! Greatly appreciated!

Stacy Olson said...

Impressive chevrons for your daughter's room. Looking to repaint my little lady's room this spring. Keep drawing and painting Heather. You are good and your dad would be so proud of you. Let painting bring a smile to your face knowing he is also smiling.


MsMidge said...

I love your painting! So clever!

MsMidge said...

I love your painting! So clever!

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