Thursday, May 15, 2014

Baby Girl Handmade Overload

 I've been on a kick lately of making things for my little lady Lucy.  It is so fun making things for girls!! I've made stuff for my boys, but beyond pants/shorts when they were little and bow ties there isn't much else.  I guess I just make up for it with her!

I picked up a bunch of t-shirts at Old Navy last fall for $2 each.  I chose some coordinating prints for each one planning to do a t-shirt dress and two bubble shorts.

Her "Lucy" outfit, which I adore.  I just appliqued her name using a fusible web. It takes time and patience sewing that thin but it's worth it!  Then the shorts I just used the "panties" pattern from a Simplicity dress pattern.  Instead of adding elastic at the leg I gathered it and added a cuff.

And last week I shared her t-shirt dress (as you can see I changed the fabrics I originally set aside).  The tutorial is here.

And this sweetest little dress my mom made for her.  I love that light aqua floral from Tasha Noel's Simple Life line.  I just finished the diaper cover to match...she's wearing this one on Sunday :)

Well there are some sweet little things I've been up to (and my awesome mom). It sure is fun the variety of things you can make with a sewing machine and fabric!



Lauren Deel said...

Love it all - so adorable!

Dolores said...

Aw, how cute. Girls, boys, it's all fun sewing for me. I can't count how many short sleeved shirts (some with matching pants and shorts) I made for my boys when they were little. Little dresses? Always a lot of fun to sew for my three girls. Now, I am back to sewing for my two little grandsons. Fun pjs, hats and more of those gingham short-sleeved shirts top the list so far.

Barb Neiwert said...

You scored on picking up those t-shirts at that price! And what a neat way to liven them up. Love the little dress your mom made - very special :)