Friday, October 9, 2015

I made a dress!

Hi friends! It's the end of the week (and not a Tuesday!) so I must have a project to share!! :)

Do you know Katarina Rocella's designs for Art Gallery Fabrics? I've been a fan of her for quite a while and was so happy when she asked if I'd participate in a blog hop for her new line, Wonderland.

The moment I saw the collection I knew I had to make my Lucia a dress!

Just a few prints from one of the colorways in the collection.

I already need more of the black and white X and +.  Awesome print!! 

I used a simplicity pattern for the basic bodice and added the peter pan collar (I'm a bit obsessed with them!) and the sash.  Good thing I did because it is a bit big!!

My best and favorite compliment is when I impress my husband.  Don't get me wrong, he loves that I'm creative and is always complimentary to me on my projects.  But when I genuinely impress him it makes me feel awesome :)  He just thought this was the cutest dress!  Doesn't hurt to see our beautiful soon to be 3 year old in it.

I sure love this little lady of mine!! She is intense and just crazy adorable.

And after she gave me a few pics she wanted back in to the tree, the girly loves to play hard!

blog tour banner 

If you want to see more Wonderalnd projects head over to Katarina's blog, Like flowers and butterflies to see other projects.  Below is a shot of the whole collection, gorgeous right??

Wonderland fabrics



Gina said...

I don't know what's more adorable, the dress or the model. Great job

Unknown said...

It's precious meg the dress and lucy!

Unknown said...

It's precious meg the dress and lucy!

Lady of the Manor said...

The dress is beautiful on your daughter! I can see why your hubby was impressed. I love that fabric line, too.

Gale, Ky quilter said...

Beautiful dress on a beautiful little girl!

Katarina said...

So beautiful and precious, both Lucia and the dress!!!! Thank you both for participating!!! Big hugs :)))

The Cozy Pumpkin said...

That is oh so sweet!!!

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