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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Bountiful blog tour 2 new bags!

Welcome! Today is my stop on the Bountiful Fabric blog tour. The designer is Sharon Holland, and I LOVE this new line for Art Gallery Fabrics. I love her description of this line "Bountiful celebrates the beauty and natural resources of the Midwest America countryside through the use of soft brush strokes and fresh tones such as celery, sienna, teal, and slate gray."
I am was so excited to participate in this tour. I chose to work with this beautiful canvas fabric, and created 2 new bags.  My daughters have already claimed both of them!

 This first one is actually a bag upcycle. I purchased this black bag (it was all black at the time) it was on clearance for $10. I figured half the work was done for me, and I would pay that much for the zipper and straps anyway. I think it looks pretty great!

 Plus it looks like it took a lot of work/skill, but it didn't. I just unpicked that main panel and pinned everything back. I am going to keep an eye out for clearance bags in the future.

 The second is a quick tote I created. I combined a couple pinterest tutorials, and came up with this pattern and design.
 This was simple too, because the straps were just cotton webbing. (I think that is what it is called) and then I added this charcoal panel.  A pretty lace embellishment and it was done. It looks the same on both sides. The pockets are nice for phones, or little notepads or books.

A little close up on the detail.

Make sure you visit all the other stops, there are some cute projects going on in blog land. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like my bags. I hope you love this new fabric line, Bountiful, as much as I do! 

Monday, April 3 
Heidi Staples 
Blog: fabricmutt
Instagram: @fabricmutt

Tuesday, April 4 
Emily Dennis 
Blog: quiltylove
Instagram: emily_dennis_

Wednesday, April 5 
Minki Kim 
Blog: Minikim

Thursday, April 6 
Heather Andrus 
Blog: quiltstory
Instagram: quiltstory 

Friday, April 7 
Sharon McConnell 
Instagram: @colorgirlquilts 

Monday, April 10 
Silvia Sutters 
Instagram: @astrangerview 

Tuesday, April 11 
Elina Temmes 
Instagram: @elinatemmes 

Wednesday, April 12 
Kim Niedzwiecki 
Blog: gogokim

Thursday, April 13 
Katie Skoog 
Instagram: @SimpleLifePatterns 

Friday, April 14 
Cindy Wiens 
Instagram: @liveacolorfullife 

Monday, April 17 
Maureen Cracknell 
Instagram: @maureencracknell 

Tuesday, April 18 
Name: Lynn Harris 
Instagram: @LynnCarsonHarris 

Wednesday, April 19 
Anjeanette Klinder 
Blog : anjeanettek
Instagram: @anjeanetteklinder

Thursday, April 20 
Mathew Boudreaux 
Instagram: @MisterDomestic 

Friday, April 21 
Alexis Wright 
Instagram: @myysweetsunshine 

Sue Stone 
Instagram: @needleinafabricstash


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tataeamal alsharikat mae kafat 'anwae almukayifat wa'iilaykum 'ahamu hadhih al'anwae 'awaluha almukayif alsiblit , wahadha alnawe min 'akthar 'anwae almukayifat , yatimu aistikhdamuh fi altaebir min qibal alkathirin wadhalik li'ana 'asearah fi maqdurat , aljamie , alnawe al'ukhar , wahadha hu aistikhdamuh fi aiftitah fathat fi aljadari. mukayifat aljuz' al'akbar min hadha alnawe min mukayifat , mithl mukayifat , mithl mukayifat , mithl mukayifat , mithl hadha.
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sharikat taslik majari bijazan la shaka , yueani min mushkilat ainsidad almajari lima 'athar salbiatan , hayth 'ana almujaraa yasdur minha rawayih karihat lilghayat mustahabatan ealaa al'iitlaq , yajeal alshakhs surean ma yalja 'iilaa sharikat taslik majari bijazan li'iimanih alshadid wathiqtat kabirat fi 'aemal alsharikat , hadha li'ana faniyun mutakhasis fi kafat al'aemal almutaealiqat bialmujaraa , hayth yaqum mukhtasuwn min qibal sharikat taslik mujaraa bijazan , bialkashf , wa'iitlae wa'iitlae ealaa al'asbab alati 'adat 'iilaa huduth mushkilat mimaa adaa 'iilaa zuhur almajari bishakl sarie , wamin thama eilaj almushkilat ealaa alwajh alamithul kama yanbaghaa 'an yakuna.
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sharikat taeqim bijazan sharikat altaeqim halyan fi jazan kathirat , walakina al'ahama min dhalik hu kayfiat aikhtiar sharikat altaeqim , fasharikat altaeqim alati taqum bieamaliat altaeqim ealaa 'akmal huna , wanahn fi sharikat taeqim bijazan naetabir 'afdal sharikat altaeqim laysat fi jazan faqat bal fi jazan wajamie almanatiq almujawirat lijazan , wasawf natahadath fi hadha almaqal ean ahumi alkhadamat alati tuqadimuha.
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yusaeid ealaa ziadat eadad maraat altaeamul maeahuma fi almanzili.
wayajib 'an takun sharikat alnazafat ealaa qadr min alhabr , tanzif fi almajal tunjaz mahamu alnazafat ealaa afadil ma yakun , yuqadim lakum muasasat alrayhan.
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khidmat jayidat bijazan wahaa taetabir alsharikat alafdl taqdim alkhidmat hadhih alkhidmat bijazan fi aleamal mae jayid mae jamie aleumala' mimaa yajealuna fi alkhidmat jayidatan dayman eind albahth ean khidmat taqdim alkhidmat bijazan. yatanasab mae jamie alfiat alkiram , hayth sharikat tarkib tarid hamaam bijazan , hayth yatimu taqdim al'asear alati tunasib jamie fiat almujtamae fi mintaqat bijazan sharikat mukafahat alhamaam bijazan taqdim 'afdal aleurud almuqadamat min alsharikat alati tabhath eanha bijanib mutabaeat aleamal bi'iitqan shadid taht fariq eamal rayie wamudarib ealaa hali jamie almashakil alati min almumkin 'an takun mushkilatan bisifat mustamiratin.
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sharikat mukafahat hasharat bijazan hal tueani min aintishar alhasharat walqawarid bialmakan hal tueani min aintishar alhasharat walqawarid bialmakan hal tueani min aintishar alhasharat walqawarid bialmakan hal tueani min aintishar alhasharat walqawarid bialmakani? bifadl aistikhdamina 'aqwaa mawadi alhukmi.

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