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Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend Quilting Book blog tour, my stop...

Today is my stop on the Weekend Quilting blog tour. Weekend Quilting is a great new book from Jemima Flendt of Tied with a ribbon. It is a great book with tons of projects, and many small projects which is great for me these summer days when I don't feel I can get big projects done. 

Weekend Quilting Showcase - Rectangle

I got my fabric from Willow Cottage Quilt Co, it is the new Tilda fabric line, Circus. The fabric is pretty precious, and it was a bit hard to cut into it. I am glad I did though!

My finished project! This darling little bunting. Just a sweet and easy project. Easy to follow instructions. And I LOVE all the flowers!

I've already hung it on the wall in the upstairs hallway. It is just sweet. I plan on making several more projects from this book. I was glad to be included on this tour. Below you will find links to several other bloggers, all made projects from this book. Serious eye candy!

To see all the inspiring stops along the Weekend Quilting Book Showcase, click the links below:
Mon May 29 ~ Lisa Cox -  A Spoonful of Sugar Designs
Tues May 30 ~ Robyn Shapiro - The Strawberry Thief
Wed May 31 ~ Melissa LeRay - Oh How Sweet
Thur June 1 ~ Emily Dennis - Quilty Love
Fri June 2 ~ Samantha Dorn - Aqua Paisley Studio
Mon June 5 ~ Nadra Ridgeway - Ellis and Higgs
Tues June 6 ~ Peta Peace - She Quilts Alot
Wed June 7 ~ Stacy Olson - Stacy Olson Design
Thur June 8 ~ Sedef Imer - Down Grapevine Lane
Fri June 9 ~ Elizabeth Chappell - Quilters Candy Box
Mon June 12 ~ Suzy Williams - Suzy Quilts
Tues June 13 ~ Rachel Howard - Family Ever After
Wed June 14 ~ Amy Sinibaldi - nanaCompany
Thur June 15 ~ Jodie Carleton - Ric Rac
Fri June 16 ~ Ange Hamilton - A Little Patchwork
Mon June 19 ~ Heather Andrus - Quilt Story
Tues June 20 ~ Elea Lutz - Elea Lutz Design
Wed June 21 ~ Lauren Wright - Molly and Mama
Thur June 22 ~ Claire Turpin - Claire Turpin Design
Fri June 23 ~ Jennie Pickett - Clover and Violet
Mon June 26 ~ Fat Quarter Shop
Tues June 27 ~ Alisha Orlando - Ministry of Fabric
Wed June 28 ~ Minki Kim - Minki Kim Sewing Illustration
Thur June 29 ~ Jemima Flendt - Tied with a Ribbon


Mara said...

Really cute!

Vicki H said...

I love small projects. Your bunting is adorable.

Andrea said...

Adorable! Love how this project turned out

Kay said...

This is gorgeous, i can think of a few people to make this for. x

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