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Friday, November 10, 2017

Bountiful Holiday blog project!

Welcome to my stop on the Art Gallery Bountiful Holiday Blog Tour! Sharon Holland created a beautiful fabric line, and I was lucky to be able to participate. 

This print is beautiful! The blue matches her eyes. 

I sewed up some of her knit. Art Gallery knit is my favorite! Such good quality. Doesn't fade or stretch weird. Love it. 

This little girl loves the "cold shoulder" look. She loves dresses and skirts and has worn this a ton already. Again, good quality, no fading. 

Circle skirts get all the heart eyes!

She is working on her fashion blogging poses. Get them going young!

Save to say the outfit is a hit! Be sure to check out all the other posts on the tour. And there is also a giveaway of this pretty line! See this post for details GIVEAWAY

11-01  Mathew Boudreaux  Mister Domestic
11-02  AnneMarie Chany  Gen X Quilters
11-03  Brooke Sellmann  Silly Mama Quilts
11-06  Blair Stocker  Wise Craft Handmade
11-07  Silvia Sutters  A Stranger View
11-08  Peta Peace  She Quilts Alot
11-09  Sharon Holland  Sharon Holland Designs
11-10  Heather Andrus  Quilt Story
11-13  Maureen Cracknell  Maureen Cracknell Handmade
11-14  Anjeanette Klinder  Anjeanettek
11-15  Alexis Wright  My Sweet Sunshine Studio
11-16  Katie Skoog  The Simple Life Company


Sharon J. Hughson said...

She is a beautiful girl. Please tell her to soften the knees. It will save her in later years and it's fashionable too.

Di~ said...

Darling dress!

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