Friday, December 3, 2010

Anna cute pendant flag quilt

Anna from the joy cottage makes some lovely projects. This is her first commissioned quilt, very cute if I say so my self. Check our her blog and this darling advent calendar quilt! Cute cute cute! Thanks Anna and sorry about the late photos!

My name is Anna and I am addicted to quilts.

I made my very first quilt in the summer of 2009.  It was for my son who was a baby then and it was very wonky and crazy looking.  Despite that, I fell in love with the art of quilt making.  There is something special about creating a quilt.  The choosing of the fabrics, picking or creating the design, constructing it for days on end, then presenting it to someone or keeping it for yourself (both is great!).  It is a personal experience and you develop a strong attachment to the quilt and when it is for someone else, you have a hard time giving it away.  It is art that is personal and functional.  It will keep you warm on a cold night and it comforts you on a bad day.  Quilts are kept in families for many generations and siblings fight for the softest and oldest ones to sleep with when we get together during the holidays.  Out of all the mediums I have used, I know fabrics and threads are my favorite.  Out of all the things I have sewn, I know that quilts are the best.

The Pennant Flag Quilt was my very first commissioned quilt that wasn't from a family member.  I was asked to create a quilt that had a row of triangles going across.  It was very geometric so I asked my customer if she wanted that or if she would like the triangles to represent bunting flags.  She jumped for bunting flags.  I searched online for a tutorial but there wasn't any so I was left to myself.  This was the end result:

The quilt was for my customer's baby girl and her nickname was "Sunshine".  Of course, I had to incorporate that.

It took me about 2-3 weeks to finish and when my customer received it, she was beside herself.  She loved it so much and it gave me incredible joy knowing that something that I had put a lot of thought and time into would be cherished in their family for many generations to come.



Christie, Describe Happy said...

What beautiful quilt!! I really like the quilting you did and the special touches with the bunting effect and the sunshine flower. It so neat how you translated the request all the way down to those details!! You are so talented! Looking forward to heading over to your blog as well!

pamela said...

I love, love, love this quilt!!! It is so simple, but yet is says so much.

Heather said...

It is so pretty and simple and sweet. I love it!