Monday, December 6, 2010

Fabric Tuesday Week 15!

Welcome to Fabric Tuesday
edition 15

Hello!  If you haven't been to Fabric Tuesday before or participated, it's never too late!  There are more "rules" below, but basically we share a recent/current project that somehow involves glorious FABRIC!

Check out these super cute projects from last week...

Leafytreetopspot darling Onesies...

Super cute nursing tutorial from SeekateSew...

Cute Monogrammed pillow from Quilspansisquilter

To those of you featured, send us an email and we'll get you a "Featured on QuiltStory" button

Link up a recent craft project that uses fabric...if you're new don't be shy!  This is for everyone.  Click the button to add your link at the bottom and link up a recent blog post where you used fabric to create or enhance something. Below are a few "rules" to play.

Mention us in your post with either a link or make it easy and add the button to your blog sidebar and you won't have to remember each week. ***You can take either our blog or our Fabric Tuesday buttons on the sidebar.***

You don't have to do this to link up, promise. However if you want to follow us, we follow back :) But please comment telling us you did so and we will hop right on over and make sure we're following too!

And how about we each take time to comment on the link just before yours, that's easy enough right? We'd love for this to be a linky party where everyone gets comments, so if you take the time to look, take a second to leave a comment!

Wahoo!!  And now my favorite part, LINKS!



SewSara said...

love fab tuesday!!
i noticed that tree onesie last week too ... genius right?


Katie Ringo said...

Found this last week and decided to participate & begin following this week! Thanks for doing this. Love these link up thingies. Introduces me to all sorts of new quilty blogs I wouldn't find otherwise.

QuilterMary said...

LOVE Fabric Tuesdays ... thanks!!

Christie describeHappy said...

Some great projects this week! I enjoy these so much!

Ashley A. said...

Just stumbled across your blog and had to become a follower! The Fabric Tuesday has incredible ideas and I love your inspiration for us younger quilters. Thanks!

Riel Nason said...

Thanks so much for featuring me. Makes Fabric Tuesday even more fun!!!

Kati said...

This is my first Fabric Tuesday. What a fun idea. I'm now a follower.