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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fabric Tuesday and a Tutorial

Happy Fabric Tuesday!
week 16
In the next few weeks and months Heather and I have planned to make this site not only a great place to share finished quilts and stories, but also a place to learn and be inspired.  We'll be sharing block and quilt tutorials and beef up our sidebars so you can easily search our site!

Also...don't forget the giveaway is still going on.  If you're not a follower already, what's the hold up?? :)  We're giving a stash of fabric away to one of our followers through Friday (go here to see more).  So if you already follow us, you're entered!  If you follow us some other way, make sure to take a second and click on the official FOLLOW button on the side.  :)

Remember this lovely fabric I showed you a few weeks back?  Well I'm using it today in a tutorial.  The fabric is from Fabric Shoppe, a great place on Etsy to find tons and tons of designers.  She offers express shipping for Christmas AND the amazing $1 Fat Quarter...have you stopped by yet??

Today's tutorial is a simple pinwheel block!  It is a photo tutorial, so if there is something I missed or didn't explain correctly, please let me know.  In the next week or so I'll be showing a new quilt tutorial where pinwheels will be used, so stay tuned.


It's time for FABRIC TUESDAY
week 16
Link up a recent craft project that uses fabric...if you're new don't be shy!  This is for everyone.  Click the button to add your link at the bottom and link up a recent blog post where you used fabric to create or enhance something. Below are a few "rules" to play.

Mention us in your post with either a link or make it easy and add the button to your blog sidebar and you won't have to remember each week. ***You can take either our blog or our Fabric Tuesday buttons on the sidebar.***

You don't have to do this to link up, promise. However if you want to follow us, we follow back :) But please comment telling us you did so and we will hop right on over and make sure we're following too!

And how about we each take time to comment on the link just before yours, that's easy enough right? We'd love for this to be a linky party where everyone gets comments, so if you take the time to look, take a second to leave a comment!

New thing!  Just so you know you can link up multiple posts!

Now we've got a new linky service, the other one pulled a fast one on us!  Hopefully there aren't any issues with this one.  But just to make sure, I linked up my stockings :)

Happy Fabric Tuesday!



C said...

Fun! My blog is brand new but I will be posting some fabric projects later this week. I became a follower though!

Anonymous said...

I've made those blocks before!!! =) It was the first quilt I pieced this year. =)

Lee Ann L. said...

I just realized that my entry may not qualify. Fabric Tuesdays is what confused me. I think you wanted either tutorials or completed projects using fabric. I aplogized!

I don't know how to delete my entry. Can you delete it for me since it doesn't really qualify? Thanks.

Unknown said...

This is perfect, I was looking for this exact thing last week, and you show it perfectly with the sewing lines!
Thanks- as I wanted to make a cute but large pincushion! Kxxxx

MichaelleL said...

Looking forward to try HST's but cuold you share what ruler you use? Thanks.

Taylor Bara said...

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