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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Modern Block Loner Party!

I got my American Idol fix tonight.  I can't help it, I love it.  I really like the new judges too...a lot!  I can't believe I'm saying this...but I don't even miss Simon.  And Paula and Kara?  Who now?  What do you guys think, have you been watching the new season?

The Block Party is coming up soon!  You'll be able to link up your blocks on Monday, are ya'll excited??  We certainly are.  So pathetically that we made up our own personal contest.  Last week we shared our traditional quilt blocks, and Heather won, about 60% to 40%.  It's okay, that's the way it's been our whole lives...she's always 10% better. *sniffle*  :) EDITED TO ADD:  Sad, I guess I am 20% better at math than Megan too..and I am horrible at math!-Heather RE-EDITED TO ADD: OKAY, MY ENGINEER NERD HUSBAND AND KRISTIE FROM OCD BOTH INFORMED ME THAT THE DIFFERENCE IS INFACT 10%. I STILL DON'T GET IT, BUT I TRUST THEM OVER MY MATH SKILLS. PS I AM NOT 10% BETTER AT ANYTHING THAN MEGAN, EXCEPT MAYBE BODY FAT. :(

Here is a collection of blocks we'd consider modern.
Let us remind you, you choose which category your block(s) fit's completely subjective so we aren't going to be critical of that!
1. Audrey's Block 2, 2. Bee Modern-July, 3. Bee - String 2 for Carrie, 4. SNTMVQB Block from Heather, 5. Bee Block for Jolene, 6. house block, 7. 3by6 beehive 4, 8. Block 2 for Lolablueocean, 9. Fresh Modern Bee 2 - November, 10. [Bee]-autiful VQB block for *Suzanne*, 11. Bee block, 12. Bird Tree fabric block, 13. fourth block!, 14. Fresh Modern Bee 2 - January, 15. Around the Block - December, 16. My first ever wonky log cabin quilt block!

And for our modern quilt blocks...
Megan's Block

Heather's Block

There is a poll on our sidebar for the next week, so please vote! :)
this poll is now closed

We will be posting on Saturday a couple of informational things regarding the Block Party for Monday, so make sure to check that out.  We'll also remind you of all the fabulous prizes from our sponsors there on the sidebar.

PS We've gotten a few of the same questions....your quilt blocks should be UNfinished, UNquilted, UNbinded (?), just straight-up raw edges pieces!  I've updated the original post to add this.



Elizabeth Dackson said...

What a tough choice, I love them both!! Quick question about the block party - I was going to write a tute to go with my block, is that okay to link up? Thank you for hosting this super party!

Unknown said...

This inspires me to want to learn to quilt, but I heard want is good for the soul!
I TOTALLY agree with you about the new American Idol judges, I love their dynamic. Jennifer's nice and pretty, Steven is quirky and lovable and Randy. Ha! The try-outs are my fav!!

Anonymous said...

Both blocks are cute! It was hard to chose a favorite! =)

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

Both these blocks are so sweet! Wow - you girls make is so hard to choose!
It was fun looking at the inspiration blocks too - they are great!

onlymehere said...

I agree with the comments above and can't pick a favorite! But about AI I have to say I haven't had much interest in it since Carrie Underwood, lol! She reminded me of my own little blond daughter who'd just left for college. I've watched a bit of it this season and I prefer Jennifer to Paula though but I do miss Simon's honesty. Sometimes he was too brutal but i really think he made the show bz he was usually spot-on with his picks.

Lee Ann L. said...

this helps me a little bit with the definition of "modern". So, I thank you. :-)

Sarah Craig said...

I love both your blocks - so very cute! I also am loving AI this year - and surprisingly, I like the dynamics between the new judges. I didn't expect to!

And boy was I surprised to see two of my blocks in your montage! (#1 and #3) Thanks for putting the montage together - it's a great example of what is expected.

Kristie said...

Not to be a math nerd, but Megan is is a 10% difference, because 60/40 is equivalent to 30/20....anyways. Let's just call it a close race so there is no sibling cat fight, eh ;)