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Monday, January 30, 2012

ROYGBIV Log Cabin Quilt from she can quilt

Love today's feature!  It's no secret I am a fan of color, and I love this modern log cabin quilt from Leanne of she can quilt.  I almost can't decide if I love the backing or the top more! :)  So great.  Also Leanne has a great tutorial on curved piecing, Quilt As You Go blocks and fab tips on basting a quilt.  Check out her flickr for some great inspiration and stop by she can quilt too!
The ROYGBIV Log Cabin quilt for Claire is all done. It is washed, dried and had a short visit outside.
ROYGBIV Log Cabins
By the time I got out, it was late afternoon. The light was already turning a bit purple. But even still, the colours are more true in the outside pictures.
ROYGBIV Log Cabin - back
Here is the back, I am so pleased with how square this giant log cabin managed to end up.
ROYGBIV Log Cabins
Here it is on my king size bed. The quilt has finished at about 70" x 90" - designed to fit a twin bed with lots to spare on the sides.
ROYGBIV Log Cabin - back
The back makes a nice alternative front.
Before washing, ROYGBIV back
This picture of the back is actually before it was washed.
Before washing, ROYGBIV front
Here is some detail of the quilting on the front before I washed the finished quilt. All the fabrics on this one were pre-washed in warm water and dried in a regular warm dryer.
Before washing, ROYGBIV front
A closer shot of the quilting before I washed the quilt.
ROYGBIV Log Cabins
This is a close up of the quilting after the quilt was washed and dried, again in warm water and in a regular warm dryer. You can see how the washing shrinks the batting and thread a bit, pulling the stitches in just a bit. The entire quilt lost about 3" - 4" in both directions after it was washed.
ROYGBIV Log Cabins
Another close up shot of the quilt after it was washed. You can see how it has become more bumpy and soft. The drape of this quilt really softened up after the wash too. It is very snuggly now.
ROYGBIV Log Cabins
Tomorrow or the next day, I am packing it up and sending it to Claire's dad. It is for her, for Christmas. I hope she likes it - I sure do, and it was just a joy to make.

This quilt was made from a pile of fabrics that Claire chose and then I just cut strips off of most everything bright and colourful that I had. Most of the fabrics are cotton but there are also some flannels, some linen blends, some decor weight. They all play nicely together. The blocks feature red centres (or pink flannel cats) - the red centres in traditional log cabin blocks symbolize the warm hearth of the home.

I am fairly sure there are more ROYGBIV quilts in my future. I highly recommend them, they just make you smile all the time.

As I made this quilt, Rhonda from Quilter in the Gap and Rachel from Contented set up the Duo QAL (see my sidebar for the button) and this quilt became my contribution to the QAL, - where I enjoyed loads of help with free motion quilting and lots of friendship too.




Canadian Abroad said...

Leanne's the best, and I love that quilt!

MariQuilts said...

Great feature....I love Leanne's quilt.

Unknown said...

It is so fine

Deb said...

That is a beautiful quilt. I love te color in it.

Susan said...

I love Leanne's quilt too! She does wonderful work!

Marg said...

Leanne's quilt is fabulous and the back is amazing.

beaquilter said...

this is awesome! I knew, I KNEW what those letters meant and it had to do with colors, then it HIT me :-) good job on everything

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...


Debbie said...

Very cool! Truly an awesome quilt!

Helen said...

Most said it before me... beautiful and what a lovely quilting job.

**nicke... said...

Leanne is such a talented quilter! i love this quilt!

Brandie said...

Amazing. I love the back!

Rhonda the Rambler said...

Leanne is nothing else if not a talented quilter and a wonderful human being! I am blessed just to know her!

Richard Healey said...

That quilt looks wonderful. And I love the reverse alternative.

Dawn said...

This is gorgeous! It's very hard to tell which is the cent and which is the back. I love quilts where the back is as wonderful as the front!!

Leanne said...

Thank you for the featuring my quilt, it was a really fun project to work on.

Lisa C said...

Speechless. Just speechless. Gorgeous and more!

Sylvia said...

*mouth dropped* THIS is awesome!

felicity said...

One of my favourites EVAR. Love this quilt so much! Thanks for featuring Leanne!

Andy said...

Great quilt. I LOVE the back!

Tatkis said...

Such a beautiful quilt, so sunny and lovely! I love both sides!