Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fabric Tuesday, what have you been crafting?

Fabric Tuesday 87!
Yay!  Best day of the week :)

Usually I like to at least tell you what I've been working on even if I don't have pictures...but I (Megan) have some very exciting news and some projects I've been working on that I plan to share later this week!!!  

Here are some great link-ups from last week:
Dave's Surf Shop from My Quilt Diet...

Potholder's from A Quilter's Table

Pincushion from Charm About You

Retro Flowers Quilt from Knotted-Thread

Sherbet Pips finished quilt
Sherbet Pip's Quilt by Mary

Link up fabric projects you've been working on!  
You can link more than one, just please make sure they are all fabric! :)  



Cherie said...

Great features there! I'll have to remember to link up one day =D

Debbie said...

Lovely projects! And thanks for including one of mine!

Sarah said...

Wow those pot holders are BEAUTIFUL. Mine are currently covered in...well...whatever was in the pot. I feel like I'd be afraid to use em!

cinzia said...

everything looks so great. and i really love that surf board quilt!!