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Monday, May 14, 2012

Velveteen star from monkey do...

How great is this giant star quilt? I love it! It is so fun to see quilts out of the box. Hmmm, my brain is already thinking of my stash for what I could make! Love the urban setting of the parking garage too...monkey do is a cool blog. Great tutorials! I can tell Katy is too cool for me, a fresh young English hipster with tattoos and retro glasses, she is far to cool for me (Heather) but I think if our M & D raised us in England (where Dad is from) instead of here, I could be cool like Katy...hmmm....
velveteen star

I picked up the velveteen star quilt a couple of weeks ago and finally got round to binding and photographing it. Well, there are 2, but this is the only one I've finished so number 2 will have to wait until I get round to that last side of binding and photographing. I added a couple of borders to Jeni's original tutorial to make it a touch bigger, ending up at just shy of 80" square. I like big quilts and 80" is my go-to size, big enough for a bed, but also pretty damn perfect for the couch too. At least it is if you like to wrap yourself like a cocooned caterpillar like I do.

velveteen star

Actually, this one is going to my best friend, who turned 40 in January and asked me to make a her a quilt to go in her sitting room. Although she now thinks she might put it on her bed instead, because the dogs and cats might ruin it (I doubt it's possible, I'm pretty sure this will wash up really nicely, the velveteen are pretty sturdy in all honesty).

I love how it turned out, and the big bubbly flowers long armed Chrisquilted all over (I asked for whatever she could do that was big and cheap - I've got a lot of quilts to get quilted and I'm trying to spend as little as possible right now on quilting. For me it still makes more sense to send them out, I would have ruined this and in the long run it would have ended up costing me more. I know my limitations, I'd rather spend less on fabric in order to get something sent out for quilting.)

velveteen star

Quilt deets -
Giant Star quilt from Jeni's tutorial
finished size 78"
fabrics used;
star - Anna Maria Horner velveteens in innocent crush and loulouthi purchased from herehere and here
background fabric - timeless treasure sketch in charcoal
binding - Jenean Morrison silent cinema front row in pink (you can still find lots of silent cinema on etsy if you search for it)



cinzia said...

That quilt is spectacular. i can't believe hw big it is! Your friend is very lucky!

Sarah said...

I so love this quilt!!

beaquilter said...

great quilt, when I first saw the picture on the blogger feed I thought it was taking down a stairway or something like that, it looked cool and kind of scary... this cool to take pics in a parking garage!

Anonymous said...

I just love it! Very nice! I would have never thought of that nice big size of pattern! ♥♥♥

Jenelle said...

It's gorgeous! I wish we could have the tactile experience of the velveteen too. :) It looks cozy!

Cherie said...

Great looking quilt! Those are some very eye catching fabrics! =D

Pippa Armbrester said...

Beautiful! Love the dark background, it really makes the colors pop.


Karen said...

Wow, this is absolutely beautiful! I love it! Nicely done.

Shan said...

I absolutely love everything about this quilt. I love how the blue from the outsides standout but also compliments the colors from the inside. May I have your permission to copy your version?

Lynne said...

I love it. It's got me thinking about other blocks that could be 'upsized'!