Friday, July 6, 2012

Boy Quilt from Lilabelle Lane Creations

Sharon from Lilabelle Lane Creations is a mum, quilter and embroiderer among many more things I'm sure!  And it shows in this quilt with the combination of piecing and embroidery.  Such a sweet quilt for a little boy!  Make sure to stop by Lilabelle Lane Creations, see her 2011 finishes, 2012 finishes and Mini Quilts for a treat!  Thanks Sharon for sharing your quilt!

A Boy Story Quilt

This quilt just makes my heart go all warm and fuzzy.
It was a Quilt that I was always going to make ... one day.
Well that day came when I thought my second son was going to need
surgery at Easter and if I was going to be at the hospital then I needed
something to work on.

We left the specialist and went straight to the fabric shop, supplies bought.
Home and then some stitchery's were traced.
I was ready and the journey of this quilt began and the self imposed
deadline was set.  My gorgeous Nephews 3rd birthday - 7th June.

I did it!

 and the matching Pillow

I even put a quilt label on it so it is a real finish!

It has been quilted with an all over Kite Pantograph by Linda at Ladybug Quilting.
Thank you Linda.

- Quilt Stats - 
"A Boys Story" by Annie Downs of
Hatched and Patched
Finished Size
54" x 68" (138cm x 170cm)

Every stitch of this quilt was placed with love for Liam
and Lily has finished it off by filling it with cuddles.

So and Update on Declyn. 
He never had surgery. 
A lot of time had been spent at specialist and physio appointments (still one more Specialist Appt) so the stitchery's were still well timed!  He is allowed to return to sporting activities on the 1st June. He has done no running or anything for over 11 weeks and has just been given the all clear to ride his bike, he still has to get his fitness back up .....

"Really Declyn, do you have to play football this year?"

Arghh ...  boys will be boys
 and on that subject, remember Aiden's little adventure into the 
"knee injury playing field" as well?  
Yes he dislocated is patella (knee cap) and has a small tear in his ACL.

Now boys, you know I love you both but no more Knee injuries OK
 and I know you joke about it now, but really, both of you at the same time?

I'm off now. 
Have to go buy some wrapping paper and a card and get this Quilt ready to mail.
Thank you for sharing the journey of this quilt with me.

Now what ..... something new?




Lynne said...

What a cute quilt and I love that Lily is filling it with hugs!

Anonymous said...

Sharon this is my all time favourite quilt,well done on a beautiful finish.xx

Liz DandeliondD said...

Great quilt and quilt story xxxx

Teje Karjalainen said...

That is really beautiful quilt! Wonderful design and I love those blocks with pictures! Every quilt has a story! x Teje

Cherie said...

The quilt looks awesome and such a cool pillow to match with it =D

Anonymous said...

I love that quilt design and your fabrics are perfect for it. Love that you made your deadline, too!