Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fabric Tuesday #97

Last week Heather and I were able to meet up in California.  Just the mommy's and babies.  It was  A LOT of work but also A LOT of fun.

We made a last minute decision to do Disneyland and California Adventure...it ended up being the best day at the park either of us have ever had!!  We were able to go on so many ride with little to no wait, it was amazing!!  Our kids were in heaven.

We also scored a free hot air balloon ride which was pretty fun, hit the county fair and then beach, beach, beach!  Our kids could play all day long in those crashing waves.  Sometimes they were a little too daring for us.  It was a great vacation :)  Here are 6 of the 7 baby people:

And these are my boys (Megan)

So I know that's not much of a Fabric Tuesday post!  We didn't get any crafting done but we did take some pictures of upcoming patterns and projects that we will be sharing in the next few weeks.  Yay!!

Link up your latest fabric-related projects!  Enjoy the party! :)


Geta Grama said...

There is nothing more fun than a day at the beach.
Thank you Megan for hosting this linking party.

Janice @ Better off Thread said...

What fun! I can't wait til we go to Disney in December!

city said...

thanks for sharing.