Monday, August 20, 2012

Our bundle is here!

The day is here!  Our Blogger's Choice Bundle is available at Fat Quarter Shop!  Heather and I got our bundles last week and it has been so fun!  To say we like them is a little weird since we picked out all the pieces right? :)  But it was fun doing it collaboratively, as I'm a little more modern and Heather is more vintage/classic.  I am definitely a blue/green girl and Heather a little more pink...although she has the blue/green bug too :)

Pretty right?  We've got Free Spirit, Moda, Michael Miller...a good mix of fabrics in there.  If you want to know what a specific print is if you check out the bundle on Fat Quarter Shop you should be able to figure it out.  If not let me know and I'll be happy to tell you :)

And I've already got to work on my bundle.  Two of our nieces (they're sisters) are starting college in a few weeks, a Freshman and Junior, and we're putting a little surprise package together for them.  We're wanting to make them a few homemade gifts for fun.  It's prefect because Hannah's favorite color since she was 3 is green and Kianna is 100% a pink girl, so this collection worked perfectly.

Love these totes (tutorial from Jeni at In Color Order) they whip up soooo fast and make great little gifts.  Perfect size for make-up or jewelry bags.  I made one for a friend's birthday and threw in a lotion and candy and it was a great little gift (I think).

There you have it!  Also a little later today they'll be posting about us and the bundle a little later on The Jolly Jabber so you should check it out :)  Edited to add: Go to The Jolly Jabber and you'll have a chance to win a bundle of your own!



Lynne said...

How exciting! They look lovely!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love Heaven and Helsinki so much I think it's my favourite fabric line ever. Can't wait for it to land in the UK!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Oh, so beautiful bundle! I like all those fabrics and houses are absolutely my favourite! 'Heaven and Helsinki' - great name after my home county's capital!
I'm on my way to the shop! x Teje

Cherie said...

Such awesome choices of fabric there! Loving the summery mix of colours =D

Carrie P. said...

I saw those choices at fat qt. blog. very pretty.

Rosa said...

It`s wonderful!Love all the fabrics.