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Friday, September 21, 2012

Cancer is so limited by Robot Mom Sews

This sweet quilt comes from Robot Mom Sews. Made for a friend's Dad diagnosed with cancer. What a kind gift to give. Cancer has hit so many of us so close to home. Megan and I recently had an Uncle diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. Heartbreaking! I am sure this quilt will bring this man peace. Be sure to check out Robot Mom Sews, and visit her etsy shop too!

My best friend's Dad was recently diagnosed with cancer and I knew right away that I wanted to make him a quilt.  I talked to her about it and she mentioned she saw this wonderful saying at the hospital about how cancer is so limited, it cannot destroy families, it can't take away love, our dreams etc.  She wanted to cross-stitch it and we decided what a great idea to incorporate it into his quilt.  She copied the saying and cross-stitched it and I got started on the quilt.

I wanted this quilt to be so perfect, I gave myself stress over it.  I kept running into problems, my machine was not cooperating, I ran out of thread, then I bought the wrong color thread!  It was one thing after the other and I kept thinking, I've never had this many issues on any other quilts.
I wanted it to be comforting to their family and this quilt means so much more than my other quilts. 
It's not perfect.  There are mistakes everywhere.  But this quilt needed to get to him and I just hope that this quilt can bring comfort to him and their family, regardless of it's imperfections.
We've all known someone or a loved one that has been stricken with cancer.  I love this saying and I'm glad my BF found it - it can remind us all that cancer is so invasive and can take away so much, but it can't take away everything from us.



Dee said...

Thanks for sharing this...I made my mom a quilt when she started chemo the second time around. We're now six years later and just finished up a round of "big" chemo and starting on maintenance again.

She takes it with her every time. It keeps her warm and cheers the other patients up. Your quilt is beautiful...all the more so because it comes from a loving, humble heart.


Kat said...

I think your quilt is PERFECT! I have done a few "special" quilts like this and they always stress me out the most. More than any others, I want them to be perfect and it seems they are always the most challenging. What I've learned is that when a quilt is made with so much love, it's always perfect, no matter how many "imperfections" we see.

I have seen this saying before and I love it. I have also seen fabric with this pre-printed on it, but I think the cross stitch is so much more personal. It came out great!

I'm sure this quilt will bring comfort and your friend's dad will absolutely feel that love that went into it.

Teresa Silva said...

I think you did a wonderful job on this and the recipient is going to love it the minute he sees it. The love that went into that quilt is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

CathyK said...

The most important thing is that this quilt was made with love. It may not be perfect, but neither are any of us. He will be wrapped in love and peace as he drapes this beautiful quilt around himself. What a wonderful gift.

mary mahoo said...

Your quilt is perfect because it was made with pure love and compassion. You can be sure none of the flaws you see are seen by your friend, her dad or their family. What a loving thing you've done.

Cynthia@wabisabiquilts said...

What a great quilt, made for the very best of reasons. That's a wonderful quote. Thanks for sharing!

Myra said...

That is a fabulous quilt and I love the saying on it! What comfort it will bring!

RobotMomSews said...

Thank you everyone for the lovely and sweet comments! And thank you Quilt Story for featuring me!
♥ Robot Mom

Mom C said...

Love the quilt, love the quote. My husband's had 2 cancers and that saying's so true. We survived and treasure life more. Thanks.