Monday, September 10, 2012

Gingham Geese Quilt from The Life of Riley

Another fabulous finish to share from Rachel of The Life of Riley.  A sweet modern flying geese quilt! I myself just finished a flying geese quilt top...such a great block you can do so much with.  Rachel's a lot like us and probably many of you...stay at home mommy of four little ones, likes to cook, sew, craft!  My kinda girl :)  Check out her great tutorials and finishes from this year.

 This quilt ended up with Three names!
 Mr. Riley dubbed it The Mario Kart Quilt - because in the game you drive over arrows to speed you up.
 I dubbed it the Bubble Wrap quilt after all the circles were quilted in.
 Officially I think I would call it Gingham Geese.
 It went to my sister, who just turned Thirty!  I figured there was no way a mostly white quilt would survive long in this house.
 It is backed with a woven turquoise gingham.  Nice and soft!  Bound in a solid magenta.  Final measurements: 49" x 69" (I think.  I wrote it down, but of course now I can't find it! Grr!)  Anyway, its a good couch snuggling size.  Not quite twin.

A huge Thank You to Elizabeth at Occasional Piece-Quilt - who sent me the gingham and got me going! 


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Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

That turned out so cute. Love how clean it looks with the white background, and I love gingham! :)

Lynne said...


Unknown said...

Nice bright binding! And I love your label! Do you always label your quilts? What a nice reminder of the work put into it for the person receiving it.

Cherie said...

Such a fun quilt. Wow that a lot of names, I like the 'Bubble wrap' =D

cinzia said...

Very nice! I LOVE the pebble quilting on this one!

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