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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Holiday tutorial, Handmade by Kirsty...

Check out this lovely little lady Kirsty. Lovely projects all over her blog that I browsed and browsed when I first came across it. Just swoon over these lovely little finished projects of the year. And she has only been sewing since May! (should we warn her???). I really hope to make some of these little scented pillows, I wish I had one now to throw in the micro and warm my freezing toes! (guess it will be my poor husband's legs again) Be sure to visit Kirsty's blog and give her a welcome...

If you missed our other Holiday tutorial projects, see 12 pocket bag, Holly Berry Pillow Cover, and Hexagon Handle Holder. Be sure to visit Thursday's through the rest of the year for some more gift ideas. 

Hello, my name is Kirsty and you can find me blogging at allhandmadebykirsty.  This is my first guest blog and tutorial so thank you to Heather and Megan! I am a little excited!  I have only been sewing since May 2012 but have found a real love for it and spend a lot of time reading other blogs for inspiration.

My tutorial is for scented pillows which are very easy and a quick stocking filler.  These are great for putting in drawers or if you scent it with lavender they can assist with sleep and relaxation.


Fabric Scraps

Ribbon (if you want to make a ribbon pillow)

Coordinating Thread

Water Soluble Pen (optional)

1 lb or 450g Rice (uncooked)

Essential Oils

For the pillow:

Cut 2 pieces of fabric 51/2"x31/2"

For patchwork:  Cut 4 pieces 11/4"x11/2"  (or if you are making a few pillows, cut strips of 11/4" wide)

For stripes:  Cut 2 pieces 11/2"x31/2"

For ribbon:  Cut 2 lengths at 31/2"

Step 1:  Mix uncooked rice with 15 drops of essential oils in a zip lock bag.  Allow the rice to sit for a couple of hours to dry.

Step 2. Sew patchwork or stripes together.  For patchwork sew the 11/2" edges together and press seams.  For stripes sew 31/2" edges together and press seams. (seam allowance is 1/4" throughout)

Step 3.  With your pen mark each long side 1/4" in from edge and press along that line.

Step 4.  With one piece of pillow fabric, right side up, pin patchwork 21/4" in from the left side and top stitch along each side. Or for the stripes, pin 2" in from the left side and top stitch along each side.

For the ribbon I placed the first strip 11/2" in from the left edge and allowed 1/4" gap in between.

Step 5.  Pin pillow fabric, good sides together, and mark 3/4" in from each edge on one short end.  This will be your guide on where to start and end stitching.  Sew from top right corner around to your other pin.

Step 6.  Trim corners off and turn out the right way.  You can use a stuffing tool or a chopstick as I do to push your corners out.

Step 7.  Press pillow, making sure the opening is pressed inwards.

Step 8.  Add scented rice to the pillow.  I used approx 1/4 cup.

Step 9.  Lastly, top stitch around the outside of the bag, ensure
that the opening is caught in the top stitch to seal the pillow.  When you
reach each corner give the pillow a shake and move the rice to the opposite corner.

Then all that's left to do is wrap your pillows.



beaquilter said...

these are CUTE, and never knew about the rice and oil, how CLEVER!! I'm doing a craft show mid december and need small things like this to sell, I might just do these- I only have jasmin rice, think that would work? I'm sure the lavender will overpower whatever smell the rice has or maybe just ADD to it.

KennaCaroline said...

Thanks for the project, I will definitely be maki g some!

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